Ido-English Dictionary : P

pac-ar: (intr.) to be at (or, in) peace; -igar: to pacify, appease; -eskar: to make peace (kun); -ifar: to make for peace; -o: peace; -ala: relating to peace; -ema: pacific: who likes peace; -oza: peaceful: which is at peace; -ifanta, -iganta: pacifying; -igo: pacification, peace-making, appeasement; -if-ismo: pacifism; -if-ist-a, -o: pacifist. ? DEFIS
pachuli-o: (perfume) patchouli. ? DEFIS
pacient-a: patient; -eso: patience, calm endurance or waiting, forbearance; -esar: to be patient, have patience, bide one’s time; ludo di -eso: (game) patience. Ex.: Il esas pacienta en doloro. Vartar paciente. La patrulo pacientesis pri sua filio. ? EFIS
Pacifik-o: Pacific Ocean.
pad-o: pad, padding; listing (put around doors and windows to keep out cold); -izar: to pad, stuff (window, etc.); -o-chapelo: porter’s pad (for burdens); padded cap (worn by children); stulo- -o: chair-pad. Def.: Kusen(et)o (generale ronde e kun truo en mezo); polsteraji quin on pozas cirkum la pordi e fenestri por kalfatar l’aperturi. ? E
padel-o: frying-pan, skillet: metal vessel with long handle used for frying. ? IS
«padishah»: (title) padishah.
padlok-o: padlock; -izar: to padlock, fasten with a padlock. ? E
paf-ar: (tr., intr.) to shoot (with firearms); -o: a shot (fired); -ado: firing, volley; -ilo: a fire-arm; -ajo: a charge, shot (for firing); -lineo: line of fire; -apert-uro: loop-hole; skop-pafado: target-firing. ? F
pag-ar: (tr., lit. and fig.) to pay (ulu, ulo), to pay for (ulo); -(ad)o: (act) pay, payment; -enda: payable: which must be paid; -anto, -ero: one who pays; -isto: paymaster; -ajo: payment: sum paid; -o-dio: pay day; -o-por dio: a day’s pay; -o-dato, -limito: maturity (of a debt). Ex.: Pagar la domaji, la kusti, la perdo. Pagar la laboristi. (fig.) Pagar sua krimino per la vivo. ? eFIS
pagan-a: -o, -ulo, -ino: pagan, heathen; -eso, -ismo: paganism. ? DEFIS
pagay-o: paddle (as for canoe); -agar: (tr., intr.) to paddle. ? DFIS
pagin-o: page (of a book); -igar: (tr., print.) to make up into pages, to folio; numerizar la -i: to number the pages (di); -o-numero: number of page. ? DeFIRS
pagod-o: pagoda. ? DEFIRS
paj-o: page (boy); (at cards) knave, jack. ? DEFIRS
pak-o: bundle, package, parcel; -eto: packet: small bundle; -ego: large bundle, bale; -igar: to bundle up, make (ulo) into a parcel; -ig-o, -uro: packing; -ig-anto, -isto: packer; -eto-posto: parcel post. ? DEFIRS
paketbot-o: packet-boat, mail-packet, liner. ? DEFIRS
pakiderm-o: (zool.) pachyderm. ? DEFIS
pakotili-o: (com., nav.) (seaman’s) venture. Def.: Diversa vari (mikra) quin la maristi daras embarkar sen pagar freto; III-141. ? DFIS
pakt-ar: (intr.) to covenant, enter into a compact (kun): (cf. kontratar); li paktis kun Satano kontre me: they entered into a compact with Satan against me; esas -o inter li: there is an agreement between them. ? DEFIS
pal-a: pallid, pale; -ega: ghastly, wan, sallow; -eso: paleness, pallor, wanness; -igar: to cause to turn pale; -eskar: to turn, grow, become pale, to blanch. ? EFIS
palac-o: palace. ? DEFIRS
palad-o*: (chem.) palladium. ? DEFIRS
paladi-o: (statue and fig.) palladium. ? DEFIRS
paladin-o: paladin; (fig.) knight-errant. ? DEFIRS
palankin-o: palanquin. ? DEFIS
palat-o: (anat.) palate; -ala: (also gram.) palatal; -alo: (also gram.) palatal (-bone); -velo: velum: soft-palate. ? EFIS
palaten-(ul)o: a (count) palatine. ? DEFIRS
palatin-o: fur-tippet (for neck and shoulders). ? DFIS
paleografi-o: paleography; -isto: paleographer. Def.: Arto dechifrar la anciena skriburi. ? DEFIRS
paleontologi-o: paleontology; -isto: paleontologist. ? DEFIRS
paleozoologi-o*: paleozoology. ? DEFIS
palestr-o: (antiq.) palestra. ? DEFIRS
palet-o*: paddle-board (of a paddle-wheel); blade (of an oar). ? F
pali-o: straw (fig.) chaff; -ea: straw-colo(u)red; -o-fasko: truss of straw; -tapiso: straw matting; -o-matraco: straw mattress; -amaso: heap of straw; -izar: to cover with straw. ? FIS
paliat-ar: (tr. med. and gen.) to palliate; mitigate, alleviate, (a disease); to cloak, extenuate (a fault); -iva, -ivo: palliative. Def.: Alejar maladeso o malajo, sen remediar ol komplete; III-331; Kalmigar provizore. Ex.: Laudano paliatas kelka dolori. Paliatar eroro. ? DEFIRS
palimpsest-a, -o: palimpsest. (manuscript). ? DEFIRS
palinodi-o: palinode. Def.: Anciena verso en qua la poeto retraktis sua olima opinioni. ? DEFIS
palis-o: stake, pale, picket (as of a fence); -ego: pile, large post; -rango: row of stakes, paling (cf. palisado); -izar: to cover with stakes; to stake out, make with stakes. Def.: Longa peco ek ligno (ofte) akutigita ye un extremajo. ? eFIS
palisad-o: palisade, stockade (paling); (cf. palisaro); -eto: picket (as of a fence) (cf. paliso); -celulo: (biol.) p. cell. Def.: Obstaklo (precipue en militarto) ek serio di pintigita palisi o fosti. Anke uzata por la senco biologiala; II-294. ? DEFIS
palisandr-o: Palisander: rosewood. ? DeFIRS
palium-o: (ancient and eccl.) pallium. ? DEFIS
palm-o: (bot.) palm(-branch); (anat.) palm (of hand); -iero: palm tree; -eto: (arch.) palmette: carved palm-leaf ornament; -o-sundio: Palm Sunday. ? DEFIRS
palmat-a: (zool.) palmate: web-footed. ? EFIS
palmiped-a, -o: palmiped. Def.: Speci di uceli quale anadi, cigni, pinguini, qui havas pedi palmata. ? EFIS
palp-ar: (tr.)  to feel (about); -(ad)o: feeling (by touch); (med.) palpation ( a method of exploration by touch and pressure); -ebla: palpable, tangible; (fig.) plain, obvious; -ilo: palp(us), feeler, tentacle; -ar su: to feel oneself. Def.: Tushar per la fingri o per altro por explorar. Ex.: Palpar la pulsado (di l’arterii) di ulu. ? eFIS
palpebr-o: eyelid; -agar: (intr.) to wink, blink. ? FIS
palpit-ar: (intr.) to palpitate, throb; (fig.) to tremble, flutter. Ex.: Kande la kordio palpitas, on ne esas mortinta. Palpitar pro pavoro. ? DEFIS
paltot-o: paletot: a loose coat or jacket worn by both sexes, an overcoat (cf. surtuto). ? DeFRS
palumb-o: (orni.) wood-pigeon, ring-dove (of the Pyranees) (Palumbus). ? FIS
pamflet-o: pamphlet (N.B. this refers only to a pamphlet on a satirical or strongly controversial subject; cf. broshuro). ? DeFIR
pampr-o: vine-branch (with foliage and fruit). (arch.) pampre.
pan-o: bread (leavened; cf. azimo); loaf (of b.; du -i: two loaves of bread); -o ne-fresha: stale b.; -o-peco: piece of b.; -igar, -ifar: (tr., intr.) to make, to bake b.; -if-erio: bakery; -o-peceto: small piece of bread, b.crumb (cf. krumo); -eyo: pantry (bread place); panloncho: slice of b. ? FIS
panace-o: panacea, universal remedy. ? DEFIRS
panaris-o: (med.) panaris: whitlow, felon. ? eFIS
panch-o: paunch (of animals); (fig.) belly, paunch (of persons). Def.: La unesma e maxim granda stomako di rumineri. ? DEFIS
pandur-o: pandour; (fig.) marauder, brutal man. Def.: Speco di Hungariana soldati; IV-269. ? DEFIRS
pane-ar: (intr., nav.) to lie to, be hove to; (fig. esp. automobiling) to be in a state of breakdown or halt (occasioned by accident, misfunction, trouble). V. exp.: Panear: esas en paneo. Paneo ne esas simpla halto, nek avario; ol esas halto koaktata pro avario o pertubo, misfunciono; ol esas verto teknikala di navigado, qua divenis vulgara ed internaciona per l’automobilismo; IV-578. ? DFI
panegir-o: panegyric, encomium, eulogy (cf. laudo-diskurso). ? DEFIRS
panel-o: (arch.) panel, wainscot; (gen.) a flat section of considerable size of a garment, wall or other surface; -aro: waniscotting, panelling (collect.); -izar: to panel, wainscot; -spegulo: pier glass. ? DEFR
pangenez-o*: pangenesis. ? DEFIS
pangolin-o: (zool.) pangolin, scaly anteater, (genus: Manis). ? DEFIRS
pani-o: waist-cloth, -clout, loin-cloth (of savages or negroes). ? F
panik-a, -o: panic, sudden fright. Ex.: Panika teroro. ? DEFIRS
panikl-o: (anat.) panniculus. ? eFIS
panikul-o: (bot.) panicle. ? EFIS
pankrac-o: (antiq.) pancratium (an athletic contest). ? DEFIS
pankreat-o: (anat.) pancreas; (butch.) sweet-bread; -ala: pancreatic. ? EFIS
pankreatit-o*: (med.) pancreatitis. Def.: Inflamuro di la pankreati. ? EF
panmixi-o*: (biol.) panmixia. ? DEFIS
panoram-o: (lit. anf fig.) panorama. ? DEFIRS
pans-ar: (tr.) to dress (wounds, sores); -ilo: dressing (bandage, etc.). ? F
palmat-a: (zool.) palmate: web-footed. ? EFIS
palmiped-a, -o: palmiped. Def.: Speci di uceli quale anadi, cigni, pinguini, qui havas pedi palmata. ? EFIS
palp-ar: (tr.)  to feel (about); -(ad)o: feeling (by touch); (med.) palpation ( a method of exploration by touch and pressure); -ebla: palpable, tangible; (fig.) plain, obvious; -ilo: palp(us), feeler, tentacle; -ar su: to feel oneself. Def.: Tushar per la fingri o per altro por explorar. Ex.: Palpar la pulsado (di l’arterii) di ulu. ? eFIS
palpebr-o: eyelid; -agar: (intr.) to wink, blink. ? FIS
palpit-ar: (intr.) to palpitate, throb; (fig.) to tremble, flutter. Ex.: Kande la kordio palpitas, on ne esas mortinta. Palpitar pro pavoro. ? DEFIS
paltot-o: paletot: a loose coat or jacket worn by both sexes, an overcoat (cf. surtuto). ? DeFRS
palumb-o: (orni.) wood-pigeon, ring-dove (of the Pyranees) (Palumbus). ? FIS
pamflet-o: pamphlet (N.B. this refers only to a pamphlet on a satirical or strongly controversial subject; cf. broshuro). ? DeFIR
pampr-o: vine–branch (with foliage and fruit). (arch.) pampre.
pan-o: bread (leavened; cf. azimo); loaf (of b.; du -i: two loaves of bread); -o ne-fresha: stale b.; -o-peco: piece of b.; -igar, -ifar: (tr., intr.) to make, to bake b.; -if-erio: bakery; -o-peceto: small piece of bread, b.crumb (cf. krumo); -eyo: pantry (bread place); panloncho: slice of b. ? FIS
panace-o: panacea, universal remedy. ? DEFIRS
panaris-o: (med.) panaris: whitlow, felon. ? eFIS
panch-o: paunch (of animals); (fig.) belly, paunch (of persons). Def.: La unesma e maxim granda stomako di rumineri. ? DEFIS
pandur-o: pandour; (fig.) marauder, brutal man. Def.: Speco di Hungariana soldati; IV-269. ? DEFIRS
pane-ar: (intr., nav.) to lie to, be hove to; (fig. esp. automobiling) to be in a state of breakdown or halt (occasioned by accident, misfunction, trouble). V. exp.: Panear: esas en paneo. Paneo ne esas simpla halto, nek avario; ol esas halto koaktata pro avario o pertubo, misfunciono; ol esas verto teknikala di navigado, qua divenis vulgara ed internaciona per l’automobilismo; IV-578. ? DFI
panegir-o: panegyric, encomium, eulogy (cf. laudo-diskurso). ? DEFIRS
panel-o: (arch.) panel, wainscot; (gen.) a flat section of considerable size of a garment, wall or other surface; -aro: waniscotting, panelling (collect.); -izar: to panel, wainscot; -spegulo: pier glass. ? DEFR
pangenez-o*: pangenesis. ? DEFIS
pangolin-o: (zool.) pangolin, scaly anteater, (genus: Manis). ? DEFIRS
pani-o: waist-cloth, -clout, loin-cloth (of savages or negroes). ? F
panik-a, -o: panic, sudden fright. Ex.: Panika teroro. ? DEFIRS
panikl-o: (anat.) panniculus. ? eFIS
panikul-o: (bot.) panicle. ? EFIS
pankrac-o: (antiq.) pancratium (an athletic contest). ? DEFIS
pankreat-o: (anat.) pancreas; (butch.) sweet-bread; -ala: pancreatic. ? EFIS
pankreatit-o*: (med.) pancreatitis. Def.: Inflamuro di la pankreati. ? EF
panmixi-o*: (biol.) panmixia. ? DEFIS
panoram-o: (lit. anf fig.) panorama. ? DEFIRS
pans-ar: (tr.) to dress (wounds, sores); -ilo: dressing (bandage, etc.). ? F
panse-o: (bot., flower, plant) pansy (Viola tricolor). ? DEFIS
pantalon-o: (long) trousers, a pair of pantaloons (cf. bracho); -fend-uro: t. flap. ? EFIRS
panteism-o: pantheism. ? DEFIRS
panteist-o, -a: pantheist(ic). ? DEFIRS
panter-o: (zool.) panther (Felis pardus). ? DEFIRS
pantofl-o: slipper (for foot). ? DFS
pantograf-o: (instr.) pantograph. ? DEFIRS
pantometr-o*: (instr.) pantometer. ? DEFIS
pantomim-o: pantomime, dumb-show. Def.: La pleado di aktoro qua ne parolas e konseque expresas «omno» (panto) per gesti parte konvencionala; VII-156. ? DEFIRS
pap-o: pope; -ala: papal; -eso: (dignity, office) papacy; -ismo: papism, popery; -isto, -ista: papist; -ig-ebla: eligible to be pope. ? DEFIRS
papagay-o: (orni.) parrot. ? DIRS
papaver-o: (bot.) poppy (genus: Papaver); -eto: red (or, corn-) poppy (Papaver Rhoeas.). ? eFIL
papay-o: (fruit) papaya, papaw; -iero: papaya-tree (Carica Papaya). ? DEFIRS
paper-o: paper; (fig.) paper document, writing); -a: made of p.; -achi: old paper(s), waste p.; absorb-iva -o: blotting-p.; -i afer-ala: business papers; -fabrik-eyo: p. mill; -folio: sheet of p.; -o-bloko: block of p.; -vend-isto: stationer; -if-isto: p. manufacturer; -klovo: thumb-tack (for fastening papers), paper-fastener; -korbo: basket for p.; -korno: p. cone; -kultelo: p.-knife; -pres-ilo: p.-weight; -pasto: papier-mache; -o stri-iz-ita, -line-iz-ita: ruled p.; -o stat-ala: a state paper; -uyo: p. holder, portfolio; sen-skriba -o: blank p. ? DEFS
papil-o: (anat., bot.) papilla. ? DEFIS
papilion-o: (ent.) butterfly; -atra: papilionaceous. ? eFL
papir-o: papyrus; (bot.) paper-rush. Def.: Egiptiana arbusto sur la kortico di qua skribis la antiqua, e ta kortico ipsa; III-141. ? DeFIRS
papl-o: pap (for infants); pulp (fopr making paper); -atra: pulplike, pulpy. ? eIS
paprik-o: Cayenne pepper (Capsicum). N.B. «paprika», the mildly pungent condiment might be translated by dolca pimento, dolca papriko.
papul-o: papule, (solid) pimple (cf. veruko). V. exp.: Papulo esas normala saliajeto di la pelo o di la mukozi (sur la fingri, sur la lango, e.c.). Pustulo esas tumoreto pusifanta (de qua venas lua nomo) en eruptiva morbi (variolo, skarlatino, e.c.); II-646. ? EFIS
par-a: (arith.) even, equal; of equal footing, of a common level; -eso: parity; (fin.) par; -o: a pair, a couple (of animals, or objects of like nature), brace; -igar: to put in two’s, pair, couple, match (by two’s); ye par-eso: at par, on a par, on an equality; super par-a, -eso: above par; tri para de perdriki: three brace of partridges.
parabol-o: (bibl. etc.) parable; (geom.) parabola. ? DEFIRS
paraboloid-o*: (geom.) paraboloid. ? DEFIS
para-cintil-o: a protection from sparks; fire-screen.
parad-ar: (intr.) to parade (as troops, or like troops); Ex.: Trupi paradas tra la stradi. Parado di cirko. Parado-placo, -agro (E. paradeground). ? DEFR
paradigm-o: (gram.) paradigm. ? DEFIRS
paradiz-o: (lit. and fig.) paradise; -ucelo: bird of paradise. Ex.: La paradizo Mohamedala. (fig.) Ca loko esis terala paradizo. ? DEFIRS
paradox-o: paradox; -a, -ala, -atra: paradoxical (statement, opinion, etc.); -em(ul)o: person given to paradox. Def.: Aserto o propoziciono kontre vulgara o komuna opiniono. Ex.: La movado dila tero esis longa-tempe paradoxo. ? DEFIRS
paraf-o:scrawled initials. paraph: flourish after a signature; -izar: to put one’s initials to (ulo) with an added flourish; -acho: ? DeFI
para-fair-o: screen or protection from fire; fire-guard, fire-screen.
para-fal-o: parachute.
para-fang-o: mud-guard.
parafin-o: (chem.) paraffin(e). ? DEFIRS
parafraz-ar: (tr.) to paraphrase: freely translate, amplify (a text). V. exp.: Perifrazo esas frazo o frazeto uzata por expresar nedirete to quon on povus expresar per un simpla vorto. Ex.: «la flamifanta globo», vice «la suno». Parafrazo esas quaza traduko di frazo o texto en la sama linguo, por klarigar o developar olu. Ex.: La predikero citas verso ek la Biblio, e pose parafrazas olu; VI-248. ? DEFIRS
para-fulmin-o: a protection against lightning; a lightning conductor.
paragraf-o: paragraph. ? DEFIRS
para-grel-o: a protection against hail.
paralax-o: (astron.) parallax. ? DEFIRS
paralel-a, -o: parallel (lines); -eso: parallelism; -a cirklo: (geog.) circle of latitude. ? DEFIRS
paralelepiped-o*: (geom.) parallelopiped. ? DEFIS
paralelogram-o: (geom.) parallelogram. ? DEFIRS
paraliz-ar: (tr., lit. and fig.) to paralyse, palsy; render powerless, destroy energy; -esar: to be paralysed, have a paralytic stroke; -aceso: paralytic stroke; -ika, -iko: paralytic (person). Ex.: Pavoro paralizis omna lua fakultati. ? DEFIRS
paralogism-o*: paralogism. V. exp.: Paralogismo esas rezonado nekoncie falsa o kande la premisi ne justifikas la dedukturo. Sofismo esas volata paralogismo o mis-rezonado. ? DEFIS
para-lum-o: a shade from light (as a shade for a lamp, a window blind, etc.).
parament-o: cloth cuff, turned-up end of the sleeve of a coat or gown; (cf. mansheto, ponyeto). Def.: Parto (ek drapo o simila stofo) di la maniko di vesto, qua esas trusita; VI-245. ? FIS
parametr-o*: (geom.) parametre (paremeter). ? DEFIS
paranimf-o: (antiq.) paranymph. ? DEFIS
parapet-o: parapet (-wall); (fort.) breast-work. ? DEFIRS
paraplasm-o*: (biol.) paraplasm, paramitome. ? DEFIS
para-pluv-o: anything which protects from rain; an umbrella.
para-sun-o: any shade from the sun: a parasol.
para-vent-o: wind-screen.
parazit-a, -ala, -atra: (lit. and. fig.) parasitic(al); -o: of men, animals, plants, a parasite; -aro: vermin; -esar: to be a parasite; -eso: parasitism. ? DEFIRS
Parc-o: (myth.) Parca, one of the three Fates. ? DEFIRS
parcel-o: parcel, patch (of land): clearly defined and divided portion of gound etc.; -igar: to parcel out (ulo); (cf. pak(et)o). ? DeFIS
pardon-ar: (tr.) to forgive, condone, overlook, pardon (ulu, ulo); (cf. indulgar). V. exp.: vid. exkuzar. ? EFIS
pare-ar: (tr.) to parry, ward off (a blow); (cf. shirmar). ? DEFIS
par-ebri-igar: to make (ulu) dead-drunk.
parenkim-o: (anat., bot.) parenchyma. ? DEFIRS
parent-a: of the same family, related, akin; -o, -ulo, -ino: a relative; (cf. patro); -aro: kinsfolk; -eso: relationship; -igar: to connect by marriage; bone parentigar la pueri: to marry the children into good families; -eskar kun nobelaro: to become connected by marriage with the nobility. ? eFIS
parentez-o: (sign and phrase) parenthesis; -e: in p.; by the way of (cf. incidente). ? DEFIS
par-fac-ar: (tr.) to do (ulo) thoroughly, complete, carry through to the end.
par-fend-ar: (tr.) to split, cleave (ulo) through, asunder.
par-fin-ar: (tr.) to finish (ulo) completely, to accomplish, fulfil (cf. plen-igar, real-igar); -o: (a complete, perfect) finish, consummation.
parfum-o: (substance and odor) pefume, fragrance, agreeable odo(u)r (cf. odorizar); -izar: to perfume; -oza: fragrant (naturally); -iz-ita: perfumed (artificially); -aquo: scented water. ? DEFIRS
parheli-o: (astron.) parhelion. ? DEFIS
pari-ar: (tr.) to bet, lay a wager, stake (ulo, pri ulo); -ar por ulu: to bet on someone; (fig.) to back (the success) of someone; -ar kontre ulu: to bet with (against) someone; -o: bet, wager; -ajo: the stake; -ado mutuala: «pari mutual». Ex.: Me parias 100 fr. kontre 50 fr. Pariar ke kavalo vinkos. ? DFR
«paria»: pariah, outcast.
pariet-o: wall (serving as partition, as in a room); inner surface (of a vase, tube. etc.); (anat.) coat, wall (as of stomach); -i: walls, coatings; (anat., bot., zool.) paries, parietes; -ala: relating to a wall; parietal; -ala osto, -alo: parietal bone; -izar: to put a wall in; chamber off (ulo); -iz-ita: walled, chambered. ? eFIS
parietari-o: (bot.) wall-pellitory, parietary (genus: Parietaria). ? DEFIRS
par-ir-ar: (intr.) to go through (to end or destination).
park-o: park. ? DEFIRS
par-kur-ar: (intr.) to run through (to end or determined place); (fig.) to peruse (a book) quickly, to read cursorily; -o: the running over, passage; -ajo: line taken, road, course (of a river), trip (of auto, etc.); (surg.) course, direction (of a wound).
parlament-o: parliament; -ano: member of p.; -eyo: house of p. ? DEFIRS
parlement-ar*: (intr., milit.) to parley: confer with an enemy; -anto, -ero: negotiator (of terms), bearer of a flag or truce. ? DeFIRS
parodi-ar: (tr.) to parody, burlesque, travesty (ulo, ulu). ? DEFIRS
parok-o: parish priest, rector (cf. pastoro); -ala: priestly; -eso: rectorship, living; -eyo: rectory, parsonage; -io: parish; -i-ala: parish, parochial (church, school, etc.) -i-ano: parishioner. ? DeFIS
parol-ar: (intr.) to speak, talk (pri) (cf. konversar, diskursar); -igar: to cause someone to talk; -a: verbal, oral; -o: speaking, word; -ado: speech, talk; -e: by word of mouth, verbally; -oza, -ema: talkative, vebose, loquacious; -(ach)ad-ar: to be verbose; -talento: gift of speech; -manier-o: elocution (cf. diciono); -yuro: right to speak; -ajileso, rapideso: volubility, fluency; -tubo: speaking trumpet (cf. voco-kondukt-ilo); -ar la Franca (or, -ar France): to speak French; -ar segun la raciono: to talk sense, reason; amikala -i: friendly words. V. exp.: vid. dicar. ? FIS
parom-o: ferry (-boat); -isto: ferryman. ? F
paronim-o, -a: (gram.) paronym(ous). Def.: Vorti di simila formo od etimologio, ma di diferenta signifiki quale: abstraktar, distraktar. ? DEFIRS
paronomazi-o: (rhet.) resemblance between words of different languages.
parotid-a, -o: (anat.) parotid (gland). ? EFIS
parotidit-o: (med.) parotitis (cf. oreliono). Def.: Inflameso neinfektala di la parotido; M. XI-67. ? DEFIRS
paroxismo: (med. and fig.) paroxysm, fit. ? DEFIRS
parquet-o: parquetry: inlaid flooring; -izar: to parquet (a floor). ? DEFR
part-o: part, share, portion; part (in games, music, etc.); -igar: to divide into different shares, portions; -o-pren-ar: (tr.) to take a share (in), participate (in); -ig-ebla: divisible into parts or shares; -o-prenanto: sharer, partaker, participant; -ala: partial: affecting a part only, not total;. Def.: Un porciono de de divebla toto. Ex.: Dividar ulo en quar parti. Partoprenar ula afero. ? DEFIS
partener-o: partner (in a dance, in sports; N.B. not in business; cf asoci-ito). Ant.: adverso. ? DEFR
partenogenez-o*: (zool., bot.) parthenogenesis.
pater-o: (theat.) (Eng.) pit. (U.S.) parquet circle: part of ground floor under balcony. ? DFIR
parti-o: party: collection of people for amusement, play, hunting, fishing, etc. ? DEFS
particion-o: (mus.) partition: score. ? DeFIRS
particip-o: (gram.) participle. ? DEFIS
partikul-o: (gram.) particle, a subordinate word never inflected, a preposition, conjunction, interjection; an affix; (phys.) particle: minute portion of matter; (R.C. rel.) particle, fragment of consecrated bread. ? DEFIS
partikular-a: particular, peculiar, special; -eso, -ajo: peculiarity, particularity; -e: particularly, especially, peculiarly; -igar: to particularize, specify (cf. detal-izar); -ismo: (rel., polit.) particularism. Ex.: Planto partikulara ad klimato. Partikulara amiko. Partikularajo (od, singularajo) di parolado esas idiotismo. Partikularigar la mikra detali. Il laboris partikulare (od, specale) bone. V. exp.: Partikulara esas la kontreajo di generala od universala; aparta signifikas quaze separita, izolita, sola; VII-154; kp. VII-476. ? DEFIRS
partis-o: party, a number of persons united against others of contrary opinion; (in a law-suit) litigant, party; -eto: faction; -ano: party member; partisan; -an-eso; em-eso: partisanship; -ala, ema, -ana: party, partisan. ? DeFIRS
partitiv-a, -o: (gram.) partitive. ? DEFIS
partizan-o: partisan, a kind of halberd or pike. ? DEFIS
parto-pren-ar: see parto.
partur-ar: (tr.) to bear (a child), bring forth, beget, give birth to; to calve, lamb; (fig.) to produce, create; (cf. gravid-igar); -o: childbirth, delivery, confinement, parturition (cf. akusho, genito); -ala: puerperal; -ajo: (of animals) a litter; -int-ino: woman in child-bed; -benediko: churching (of a woman after a childbirth). ? EFIS
paru-o: (orni.) tomtit, titmouse, (genus: Parus). ? SL
parven-ar: (intr.) to arrive (at destination), to attain (one’s aim, fortune, success in life); -into, -int-acho: (fig.) successful person; parvenu, upstart.
pas-ar: (tr., intr.) to pass (tra, super ulo); to pass (one’s life, time, etc.); to pass away; -(ad)o: passing, passage (on land: cf pasajar); -anta, -ema: passing, transitory; -anto, -ero: passer-by, passenger (on land); -inta: past, gone; -into: one who has passed; (fig.) dead, vanished person; -ajo: anything which is passed, gone; -eyo: pass; passage (place); -igar: to cause to pass; to cause or allow (a boat, a vehicle) to pass (cf. preter-pasar); -permiso, -letro: pass: permit for transit; -vorto: password. Ex.: Il pasis avan nia pordo. Pasar de Anglia a Francia. Tempo pasas. Pasar de un temo ad altra. Me preter-pasis lua domo. Pasigez la salo, me pregas! ? DEFIS
pasabl-a: passable, tolerable, middling, fair; -e: tolerably, rather, fairly, passably, pretty, indifferently. Def.: Indikanta grado o valoro meza, la minim alta, quan on povas aceptar o tolerar; III-205. Ex.: Ico esas pasabla vino. La teatrajo esis pasable bona. Ta muliero esas pasable bela. Esas pasable varma en ca chambro, ma ne sat varma por mea olda patro. ? DEFIS
pasaj-ar: (intr.) to take passage (on a ship), be a passenger (on ship); to go by sea; -o: passage, crossing; -anto, -ero: passenger (on sea; cf. pas-anto). Ex.: Me pasajis de Calais ad Dover. Me havis bela veturo dum la pasajo. ? DEFIRS
pasaman-o: handrailing. ? IS
paser-o: (orni.) sparrow (Passer). ? FIL
«pasha»: (Turkish title) pasha.
pasiflor-o: (bot.) passion-flower (genus: Passiflora). ? DEFI
pasion-o: passion: violent emotion; great love or fondness; vehement desire; -oza: passionate, impassioned; -izar, -eskar: (tr., intr.) to impassion. Ex.: Amoro ed odio esas la maxim forta pasioni. Il pasionoze amoris el. La muziko pasionizis me. Me pasioneskis pri muziko (E. I became passionately fond of music). ? DEFIS
pasiv-a: passive; -o: (gram.) passive (voice); (com.) debt (owed) liability; -eso: passiveness. Ant.: aktiva. ? DEFIRS
pask-o (-festo): Easter, the Passover; -ala: paschal; -ala ovo: an Easter egg; komuniar ye pasko: to receive the sacrament at Easter. ? eFIRS
pasment-o, -i: passement(erie): trimmings of lace, gimp, braid of gold, silver, worsted, etc. for clothes an furniture. ? DEFIRS
paspel-o: edging, welt. Def.: Streta bendo de stofo (generale de diversa kolori), per qua on bordizas ula parti di vesto (kolumo, manchi; specale militistala); VI-142. ? DF
pasport-o: passport (cf. pas-permiso). ? EFIRS
past-o: paste: any soft composition; (cook.) dough; (tech.) pâte; -atra: pasty, doughy. ? DEFIS
pastel-o: pastel; (colo(u)red) crayon; -piktar: to paint in pastel. ? DEFIRS
pastern-o: pastern (of a horse). ? EFI
pastet-o: pâte: pie, pasty (made of meat or fish); karno- -o: meat pie. ? DeFIRS
pasteuris-ar*: (tr.) to pasteurize.
pastil-o: pastil: aromatic lozenge for breath; a preparation to scent the air. ? DEFIRS
pastinak-o: (bot.) parsnip (Pastinaca sativa). ? DIRSL
pastor-o: pastor, minister, clergyman (cf. paroko); shepherd (of sheep); -ala: (all senses) pastoral; -dramato, -kanto: (poem, drama) a pastoral; -et-ulo: shepherd boy; -bastono: shepherd’s crook. ? DEFIRS
pastur-ar: (tr., intr.) to pasture (animals), graze, browse, feed (off grass while moving); -eyo: (place) pasture; -ajo: (the food) pasturage; -yuro: the right to pasture. ? EFIRS
pat-ar*: (tr., intr.) to stalemate (at chess). ? DF
patat-o: batata, sweet potato (Ipomoea Batatas). ? DeFIRSL
patel-o: (anat.) patella, kneecap. ? EL
paten-o: (R.C. rel.) paten. ? DEFIS
patent-o: patent (of an invention); -izar: to patent (ulo). ? DEFIRS
«pater (noster)»: pater(noster), Lord’s prayer.
pater-o: curtain-peg, -hook. ? eFIS
patetik-a: pathetic, touching; -eso: pathos, patheticness (cf. patoso). ? DEFIRS
patibul-o: gallows (in the form: TT ; cf. jibeto). ? IS
patin-o: patina, green film formed on metals. ? DEFIS
patogen-a: pathogenic.
patogenez-o*: pathogenesis.
patologi-o*: pathology; -isto: pathologist. ? DEFIRS
patos-o: pathos; -acho: bathos, bombast, fustian, rant (cf. patetik-eso). ? DEFR
patr-o: a parent (father or mother); -ulo: father; -ino: mother (cf. matro); -eto: little father, papa; ge- -i: parents (both sexes); -ala, -ul-atra: paternal, fatherly; -in-ala; -in-atra: motherly, maternal; -ul-eso: paternity; -ocido: parricide. ? eFIS
patri-o: fatherland, (cf. nasko-lando). ? FIS
patriark-o: (lit.and fig.) patriarch; -eso: patriarchate. ? DEFIRS
patric-a, -o: patrician. ? DEFIRS
patrimoni-o: patrimony, inheritance. ? DEFIRS
patriot-o: patriot; -a, -ala: patriotic; -eso: (quality) patriotism; -ismo: (doctrine taught) patriotism. V. exp.: vid. civismo. ? DEFIRS
patristik-o: (theol.) patristics. V. exp.: Cienco pri la doktrino dil ekleziala patri. ? M.XI. 224
patroli-ar: (intr.) to go on patrol, go the rounds; -igar: to patrol (ulu). ? DEFIRS
patrologi-o: (theol.) patrology. V. exp.: Cienco pri la verki e la vivo dil akleziala patri. ? M.XI. 224. ? DEFIS
patron-o: (antiq.) patron; (modern) patron, supporter, protector; employer; (eccl.) advowee; patron saint; -eso: patronage: authority or position of a patron; -esar: (tr., intr.) to be a patron (ulu, ulo), to patronize: support (ulu). ? DEFIRS
pauperism-o: pauperism. ? DEFRS
pauz-ar: (intr.) to pause: stop temporarily; (mus.) to make a rest. Ex.: Pauzar dum lektado, dum kantado. Pauzar plurfoye en voyo. ? DEFIRS
pav-o: paving stone, cobble-stone; -aro, -izuro: pavement; -izar: to pave. ? EF
pavan-o: pavan. Def.: Anciena danso (hispana origine); IV-395. ? DEFIS
pavilion-o: pavilion: a large peaked tent; a building with a tent-like roof; (cf. tendo). ? DEFRS
pavon-o: (orni.) peacock (genus: Pavo); -umar: (intr.) to strut (like a peacock), pose. ? FIRS
pavor-ar: (intr.) to be afraid, be in fear, be in a funk; -igar: to frighten (ulu); -eskar: to take fright, begin to be scared; -o: fear, fright; (cf. alarmo, paniko); -oza: fearful; -em-(ul)o: a timid person; sen- -a: intrepid, fearless. V. exp.: Timo esas sentimento intelektala, preske tote intelektala, ofte («me timas ne finor mea laboro»). Pavoro esas instantala sentimento, nereflektata e nerepresebla, ofte tote senmotiva ed absurda (pavor pri araneo, muso, e.c.) «La generalo ne pavoris, ma il timas, ke lua soldati pavoros». Teroro esas tre granda pavoro, qua igas tremar e qua supresas omna reflekto. Hororo esas sentimento di repulseso plu kam pavoro; etimologie ol signifikas heriso (di la hari e pili). Angoro esas propre fiziologial sento di konstrikto di la fauco e di quaza sufoko, pro desquieteso o pasionoza expekto; II-79, 648; IV-236. ? FIS
paz-ar: (intr.) to take steps, to stride, step (out), stalk (along); -etar: to trip along, take short steps; -o: step, pace, gait; -o granda: stride; -ope: step by step; -i silenc-oza: soft or stealthy steps; -o rapida: (milit.) quick time, quick march; trans-, super-pazar: to stride across, step over, straddle; -o kont-ilo: pedometer (cf. hodometro). ? eFIS
pazigrafi-o*: pasigraphy. Def.: Irga sistemo di universala skribado, qua uzas signi, partikulare matematikala simboli, por reprezentar idei, ne vorti. ? DEFIS
pean-o: pean, pæan. Def.: Himno o kanto por honorizar ulu, ulo; militala kanto; vinkala kanto. ? DEF
pec-o: piece; lump (of sugar, of beef, etc.); (cf. fragmento, parto, porciono); -eto: morsel, small bit; -(et)igar: to break, cut, tear (ulo) into pieces; to crumble; -eskar: to fall to pieces; -et-eskar: to crumble; -ope: piece by piece, bit by bit, piecemeal; -i omnaspeca, -i diversa: odds and ends; -o pren-ebla: (in checkers, etc.) a piece which can be taken; un-pece: in one piece; monet-peco: a piece of money; -i de rupt-ita vazo: pieces of a broken vase. V. exp.: Peco signifikas: «parto di kontinua toto, qua konstitucas ipse unajo o toto; qua havas ula propra uneso» (on pensez pri la peci di mashino). Do on povas bone parolar pri peco de drapo, pri monet-peco; e konseque pri parto di peco. Ne esas tre utila parolar pri pan-peco, fromajo-peco: suficas dicar pano, fromajo; IV-352. ? EFIS
«peccavi»: peccavi (L. I have sinned).
pech-o: pitch; -oza: pitchy; -atra: sticky; -izar: to pitch, cover with pitch. ? DEFIRS
ped-o: (anat. and fig.) foot; (of animals) paw; (of verse) foot; -ala: pedal, relating to the foot; -alo: (tech.) pedal; treadle; foot-board; -al-agar: (intr.) to pedal, work the pedal (of a bicycle, organ, etc.); -o-balno: foot-bath; -but-ar: to stumble; -frapar: (tr.) to kick (cf. kikar); -fingro: a toe; -irar: (intr.) to go on foot; -ir-ante: on foot; -irala, ir-anto, -ero: pedestrian; -kolo: instep; -o-kurac-ado: chiropody; -soldato: foot-soldier, infantryman; -vest-izar: to put boots, shoes, stockings on (ulu); -o-tabureto: foot-stool; marchar pe quar -i: to go on all fours; sen- -a: apodal, footless. ? DEFIRS
pedagog-o: pedagogue. ? DEFIRS
pedagogi-o: pedagogy. ? DEFIRS
pedant-o: pedant; -ino: (fig.) blue-stocking. ? DEFIRS
pederast-o: pederast. ? DEFIRS
pedikul-o: (bot., anat.) pedicel, stipe, stem, stalk. ? EFIS
pedikulos-o*: pediculosis: a lousy state. ? DEFIS
pedunkl-o: (bot., zool., anat.) peduncle. ? EFIS
peg-o: (orni.) woodpecker (Picus).
pegaz-o: (myth., astron.) Pegasus. ? DEFIRS
peizaj-o: (natural, artistic) landscape, scenery; -isto: landscape painter. ? FIRS
pejorativ-a, -o: pejorative, depreciative (word). ? DEFI
pek-ar: (intr.) to sin; (fig.) to transgress, offend; -o: sin (original, mortal, venial) ; -eto: slight offense, peccadillo; -oza: sinful, wicked; -o-konfeso: confession of sin; -anta, -ema, -iva: sinning peccable; -o-kapr(ul)o: scapegoat. Ex.: Pekar kontre la imperi di Deo. (fig.) Pekar kontre la komuna raciono. ? eFIS
pekari-o: (zool.) peccary (Dicotyles torquartus). ? DEFIS
pekin-o*: (fabric) pekin.
pekt-ar: (tr.) to comb (the hair); to card (wool, etc.); -ilo: a comb; -isto: comber, carder (in a factory); -o-hari, -rezidui: combings. ? FIS
pektin-o*: (chem.) pectin. ? DEFIRS
pektor-o: chest, breast (cf. mamo, pulmono, sino); -ala: pectoral; -alo: (anat.) pectoral muscle; pectoral, any breast object; -vesto: (of women) bodice. ? EFIS
pektos-o*: (chem.) pectose. ? DEFIRS
pekuni-o: (ready) money, cash; -ala: pecuniary; -o-quanto: sum of money; (cf. moneto). ? DEFIRS
pel-o: skin, hide (on the body; cf. felo); -ala: relating to the skin, hide; cutaneous (cf. epiderm-ala);  sen- -igar: to skin. ? DFIS
pelagik-a*: pelagic.? DEFIS
pelagr-o: (med.) pellagra. ? DEFIS
pelargoni-o: (bot.) pelargonium. ? DEFIS
pelerin-o: pelerine, a kind of cape, tippet worn by ladies. ? DEFIR
pelikan-o: (orni.) pelican (genus: Pelicanus). ? DEFIRS
pelikul-o: pellicle. ? EFIS
pelis-o: (garment) pelisse. ? EFIS
pelmel-o: pell-mell, hurly-burly, hubbub, jumbled mass, medley, litter; -e: helter-skelter. ? EF
pelori-o*: (biol.) peloria. ? DEFIS
pelot-o: ball (formed of thread, silk, etc. wound round); -igar: to make (ulo) into a ball; to wind. Def.: Bulo ek filo volvita; III-205. ? FS
(milit.) platoon. ? DeFIS
pelv-o: (anat.) pelvis. ? EFIS
pemikan-o*: pemmican. ? DEFIS
pen-ar: (intr.) to take the trouble (to do something or to do something difficult of execution), to take pains; (cf. esforcar); -igar: to put (ulu) to trouble (to do something); -i: pains (taken); -e: with difficulty; -ege, per granda peno: with great trouble, with much difficulty; to ne valoras la peno: that is nor worth the trouble; me penas facar ca laboro: I take pains in doing this work. ? eFIS
penach-o: panache, a plume or bunch of feathers, as on a helmet. ? eFIS
penat-i: (antiq.) penates, household gods. ? DEFIRS
pend-ar: (tr., intr.) to hang (up or down), suspend, dangle; -igar: to cause (ulu, ulo) to be hanged or hung; -ajo, -peco: something hung; pendant; -anto, -ero: one who hangs; a hangman; -inda: worthy of hanging. Ex.: La frukti pendas de la abori. Pendar animalo per la pedi. La judiciisto pendigas la trahizinti (E. the judge caused the traitors to be hung). Juvelo pendanta. ? eFS
pendentiv-o: (arch.) pendentive. ? DEF
pendul-o: pendulum; -horlojo: pendulum clock. ? DEFIRS
penetr-ar: (tr., intr.; lit. and fig.) to penetrate, pierce (cf. perforar, borar); -igar: to cause (ulo) to penetrate (en ulo); -anta, -iva, -ema: penetrating, piercing (fig.) sagacious, acute, keen; -em-eso: acuteness, shrewdness. Ex.: La kuglo penetris la korpo. (fig.) La trupi penetris la lando. La penso penetris lua mento. Penetranta okuli. Penetrema mento. ? DEFIS
peninsul-o: peninsula. ? DEFIS
penis-o: penis. ? DEFIS
penitenc-ar: (intr.) to do penance; (cf. repentar); -o, -eso: penance, penitence. ? EFIS
pens-ar: (tr., intr.) to think; -o, -ado: a thought, thinking, cogitation; -ema: thoughtful, pensive; -eskar: to have an idea; (cf. meditar, reflektar, rezonar, intelektar, imaginar, konceptar, memorar, sonjar, revar, kredar, judikar, opinionar). Def.: Formacar ideo pri ulu, ulo. Ex.: Me pensis (pri) ulo quo povas helpar vu. La homo qua pensas povas esar la mastro di qui ne pensas. Pensez ante ke vu facos to. ? eFIS
pension-ar: (tr.) to pension (soldiers, etc.) to pay a regular stipulated sum for board and lodging; -o: regular payment, board and lodging, regular charge. Def.: Pagar reguloze ula sumo por manteno. V. exp.: Pensiono esas sumo quan ulu pagas o recevas reguloze por lua manteno. Ica senco kontenas ta di pensiono (1) di oficero od oficisto en retreto; ol kontenas anke ta di la pensiono (2) di skolano «interna», qua lojas e nutresas en edukerio, e ta di la pensiono (3) di gasto di hotelo, qua anke lojas e nutresas, o nur nutresas. Takaze ta qua recevas pensiono (1) esus pension-ato, -ario; qua pagas pension (2) o (3) esas pension-anto, -ero; la loko ipsa esas pension-eyo, -erio; V-282. ? DeFIRS
pent-o: (downward) slope, incline, gradient, pitch, declivity; -a, -e: (downward) sloping, shelving. V. exp.: Rampo e pento esas esence sama, ma pento esas la inklinajo de supre ad infre, e rampo la sinso de infre ad supre; rampo acensas, pento decensas. ? FIS
pentaedr-o*: (geom.) pentagedron. ? DEFIS
pentagon-o*: (geom.) pentagon. ? DEFIS
pentagram-o: (geom.) pentagram. ? DEF
pentametr-o: (verse) pentameter. ? DEFIRS
pentark-o*: pentarchos, one of five rulers; quinquivir. ? DEFIRS
pentatl-o: (antiq.) pentathlon. ? DEFIS
pentekost-o: Pentecost, Whitsunday. ? EFIS
pen-valor-ar: (intr.) to be worth while.
peoni-o: (bot.) peony (genus: Pæonia). ? DEFIS
pepit-o: (min.) nugget (especially of silver or gold). ? DFIS
pepsin-o: (chem. pharm.) pepsin. ? DEFIRS
pepton-o: (physiol. chem.) peptone. ? DEFIRS
per: (prep.) by means of, through the help of, by, with (marks, instrument, means); (arith.) multiplied by (the sign); (cf. da); per ke: through the fact that. Ex.: Pruvar per exempli. Trapikar per poniardo. Sendar letro per posto. La substantivi finas per «o» en la singularo. Lu sucesis vinkar, per ke lu uzis ruzo. Quar per du facas ok. ? eFIS
per-o: peer (nobleman); -ino: peeress; -eso: peerage (rank or dignity); -aro: peerage (collect.); -o-chambro: Chamber of peers; (Eng.) House of Lords. ? DEFIRS
percept-ar: (tr.) to perceive: to receive impressions of external objects; to feel; discern; -(ad)o: perception; -iva: perceptive (faculty, etc.); -ebla: perceptible; ne- ebla: imperceptible. Def.: Komprenar per la sensi. Ex.: Perceptar ula bruiso. Materiaji esas sole perceptebla. ? DEFIS
perch-ar: (intr.) to perch; to roost (sur); -ilo: a roost; -eyo: perching place; (fig.) upper gallery in a theater (theatre). V.: exp.: Perchar aplikesas, ne nur a hani, ma ad omnaspeca uceli, e mem metafore ad animali e homi; III-327. ? EFS
perd-ar: (tr.) to lose (cf. egarar); -esar: to be lost, be a loser; -o: loss; -ajo: what is lost; -e vendar: to sell at a loss. Def.: Cesar havar to quon on posedis o proprietis. Ex.: Perdar sua burso, fundo, voyo, raciono, parento. Ant.: ganar. ? FIS
perdrik-o: (orni.) partridge; -yuno: a young partridge. ? FIS
peren-a: perennial. Def.: Qua duras plura yari; V-89. ? DEFIS
perfekt-a: perfect (cf. bon-ega, ecel-anta); -eso: perfection; -e: perfectly (cf. komplete, tote); -igar: to perfect, bring to perfection; -ig-ebla: perfectible. Def.: Qua havas omna sua qualesi sen inter-mixuro di defekti. Ex.: Perfekta baleso, vino, homo, boneso. ? DEFIS
perfekt-o: (gram.) perfect. ? DEFIS
perfid-a, -(ulo): perfidious, felonious, false-hearted, treacherous (person); -ajo: act of perfidy. Ant.: loyala. ? DEFIS
perfor-ar: (tr.) to perforate, pierce through; (cf. borar, penetrar). Def.: Truifar sen rotaco; III-165. Ex.: Kuglo perforas korpo, muro. ? DEFIS
pergamen-a, -o: parchment; -atra: parchmentlike, pergamentaceous. ? DeFIRS
periant-o: (bot.) perianth. ? DEFIS
periferi-o: periphery, circumference. ? DEFIRS
perifraz-ar: (tr.) to periphrase; express in a roundabout way, by circumlocution. V. exp.: vid.: parafrazo. Exp.: «La rejo dil uceli» esas perifrazo por l’aglo. ? DEFIRS
perige-o: (astron.) perigree. Ant.: apogeo. ? DEFIRS
periheli-o*: (astron.) perihelion. ? DEFIS
perikardi-o: (anat.) pericardium. ? DEFIS
perikarp-o: (bot.) pericarp, seed-vessel. ? DEFIS
perimetr-o: perimeter. ? DEFIRS
perine-o: (anat.) perineum. ? DEFIS
period-o: (astron., chron.) period: term, portion of time (cf. ciklo, punto); -ala, -oza: periodical; -al-eso, -oz-eso: periodicity. ? DEFIRS
periost-o: (anat.) periosteum. ? DEFIS
periostit-o*: (med.) periostitis. ? DEFIS
peripatetik-a, -(ul)o: peripatetic, Aristotelian. (N.B. not fig.). ? DEFIRS
peripeci-o: peripetia, sudden turn of fortune, vicissitude; (theat.) denouement. ? DeFIRS
peripl-o: (ancient geog.) periplus (a sailing round). Def.: Historiala nomo di ula specala cirkumnavigi, e naraco di li; V-89. ? DEFIS
peris-ar: (intr.) to perish: die; be destroyed, ruined; -iva, -ema: perishable. Ex.: Mili di soldati perisis en ta batalio. (fig.) Lua nomo ne povos perisar. Flori perisas. ? EFIS
periskop-o*: periscope. ? DEFIS
peristalt-a*: (physiol.) peristaltic. ? DEFIS
peristil-o: (arch.) peristyle. ? DEFIRS
peritone-o: (anat.) peritoneum. ?EFIS
peritonit-o: (med.) peritonitis. ? EFIS
perjur-ar: (intr.) to perjure: violate one’s oath, (fig.) to break one’s word. Def.: Violacar promiso facita per juro; V-430. ? EFIS
perk-o: (ich.) perch (genus: Perca). ? EFIS
perkal-o: (fabric) percale. ? DEFIRS
perkalin-o: (fabric) percaline. ? DEFIRS
perkut-ar: (tr., also med.) to percuss; -o: percussion: shock of one body against another; -ilo, instrumento: instrument of percussion; (of guns) hammer, bolt (which sets off the cartridge). Def.: Frapar forte. Ex.: La perkutilo perkutas la amorcilo. La cimbalisto perkutas la cimbali. La mediko exploras per perkutado. ? DEFIS
perl-o: pearl; artific-ala, falsa- -o: imitation pearl; vera -o: a real pearl; prizentar perli a porki: (fig.) to cast pearls before swine; -if-anta: pearl-bearing. ? DEFIS
perlomatr-a, -o: mother-of-pearl. ? DEFIRS
perman-ar: (intr.) to be permanent; -o, -ant-eso: permanence; -anta armeo: standing army. ? DEFIRS
perme-ar: (tr.) to permeate, pervade; -ebl-igar: to render (ulo) permeable. Ex.: L’aquo permeas sulo. L’odoro permeas l’aero. ? EFIS
permis-ar: (tr.) to permit, allow, give leave to, authorize, give license to; (N.B. This verb is transitive in relation to the thing, but intransitive relative to the person). -o: permission, consent; -o-atesto: written authorization, a permit (cf. konjedo, licenco); -o parola: verbal permission; -ario: one granted a permit; -ez a me: allow me! may I be permitted! Def.: Donar libereso o yuro facar, dicar (ulo ad ulu). Ex.: Ka vu permisas ke me apertas la fenestro? Esas permisata a vu promenar en ca gardeno. ? EFIS
permut-ar: (tr.) to transpose, interchange, permute; -ite: vice versa. V. exp.: Permutar esas chanjar l’ordino di plura kozi, qui duras formacar kolekturo. Me chanjas mea vesti kande me desmetas uli e metas altri. Ma me permutas li, kande (sen metar li) me chanjas lia ordino en mea vesteyo. Kande on mixas ludkarti qui restas sempre sama, on facas nur permuti; on chanjas li kande on prenas altra paketo de karti vice l’unesma; VII-204. ? EFIS
peron-o: perron, an out-of-door flight of steps; outside stair-case; front-door steps. ? eFR
perone-o*: (anat.) perone, fibula, small bone of the leg. ? eFS
peronospor-o: peronospora: a genus of fungi.
peroracion-o: (rhet.) peroration. Ant.: exordio. Def.: Lasta parto, konkluzo di diskurso. ? DEFIS
perpendikl-a: perpendicular. ? DEFIRS
perpetu-a: perpetual, forever; (fig.) for life; -e: everlastingly; -eso: perpetuity; -igar: to perpetuate. Def.: Kontinua, qua ne cesas. Ex.: Perpetua fairo brulis sur la altaro di Vesta. Perpetua movado. Perpetua exilo. ? DEFIS
perplex-a: perplexed, puzzled; -eso: perplexity: embarrassment of mind; irresolution. Ex.: Perplexa pro desfacilaji neprevidita. Situeso perplexigiva. V. exp.: Perplexa expresas nociono komplexa, quaze meza inter embarasata e nequieta (kun nuanco di hezito); V-89. ? DEFIS
perquizit-a: (tr.) to make (legal) search, inquiry (pri ulu, ulo); -o: perquisition; search; -o mandato: search-warrant. Def.: (Perquizito) Legala, judiciista serchado; figurale, tre severa ed exakta serchado, generale malvolanta o suspektema; III-392. Ex.: Perquizitar apartamento di persono suspektinda. ? DEFIS
persekut-ar: (tr.) to persecute: harass unjustly; (fig.) to importune, annoy. V. exp.: Persequar esas: proxime sequar persiste, por atingar ulu od obtenar ulo. Ex.: Persequar furtisto. Persequar cervo en chaso. Persequar la glorio, la plezuro, la suceso. Persequar ulu avan tribunalo. Persekutar esas: kruele traktar ulu persiste. Ex.: La mali persekutas la boni, pro ke li odias lo bona. La Kristani persekutesis dum la unesma yarcenti di l’eklezio; V-430. ? EFIS
persequ-ar: (tr.) to pursue (with a view to overtake); (jur.) to prosecute; -esar (da): to be pursued, prosecuted (by); -eskar: to start pursuit; to indict, sue. V. exp.: vid. persekutar. ? eFIS
persever-ar: (intr.) to persevere, pursue steadfastly: continue on a given course, esp. in the face of discouragement, obstacles; (cf. persistar). Ex.: Perseverar en ula entraprezo. Il esas persever-anta, -ema homo. ? EFIS
persien-o: persienne, (outside) Venetian shutter; the ordinary outside window-blinds with movable slats; (cf. III-290; jelozio). ? DeFI
persik-o: (fruit) a peach; -iero: peach tree (Amygdalus persica); -kerno: peach-stone; -liquoro: a persicot (a cordial). ? DRL
persikari-o: (bot.) persicaria, lady’s thumb (Polygonum persicaria). ? EFIS
persist-ar: (intr.) to persist: hold firm, continue steadfast (en, pri) (cf. perseverar). Ex.: La testo persistas negar. Il persistas en sua opiniono. Persistanta morbo. Persistema homo. V. exp.: vid. insistar. ? EFIS
person-o: person (man, woman, child); (theol., gram.) person; (cf. individuo); -ala: personal; -aro: personnel; -eso: personality, individuality: quality of being a person; -al-eso: quality of being personal (to someone); -al-ajo: personal peculiarity; personal remark; -e, -ale: in person, personally, in a personal manner; -ego: personage: a great person or person of distinction; -igar: to personify (ulo); -o-spegulo: cheval-glass: a full-length dressing-glass. ? DEFIRS
perspektiv-a, -o: perspective; -e: in perspective, in the distance. Ex.: Lineala perpektivo. Desegnuro perspektiva. ? DEFIRS
persuad-ar: (tr.) to persuade (ulu pri ulo, su); -o, -eso: persuading, persuasion, conviction; -iva, -ema: persuasive. Ex.: Il persuadis me venar. Me esas persuadita ke ... ? EFIS
perturb-ar: (tr., astron., social) to perturb, trouble, unsettle, throw into disorder; -anta, -iva: perturbing, disturbing. Ex.: Perturbo di la mento. Perturbi sociala, financala. ? DEFIRS
peruch-o: (orni.) parrakeet, parroquet. ? FI
peruk-o: wig, periwig, peruke; -isto: wig-maker. Def.: Kuafuro de falsa hararo. ? DEFIRS
pervers-a: perverse, obstinate in the wrong, wayward, depraved; -igar: to pervert. Def.: Qua havas nenormala o kontreetika tendenci (o gusto); III-205. ? DEFIS
pervink-o: (bot.) periwinkle (genus: Vinca). ? eFS
pesari-o: (surg.) pessary. ? DEFIS
pesim-ismo: pessimism; -isto, -a: pessimist(ic). ? DEFIRS
pesk-ar: (intr.) to fish, angle (por, per, ek); (tr.) to draw (ulo) out of the water, to catch (also refers to coral fishing, pearl fishing, etc.); -ala: piscatorial; -anto, -ero, -isto: fisher; -o-batelo: fishing-boat; -ajo: the catch (cf. fisho); -eyo: fishing-place, -ground; -ilo: a fishing instrument (rod, line, etc.); -bastono: fishing-rod; -yuro: licence, right to fish. Ex.: Peskar karpo. ? eFIS
pest-o: pestilence, pest, plague (cf. kontagio); (fig.) bane, scourge; -ala, -oza: pestiferous, pestilential; -iko, -ika: (person) infected; -izar: to infect; -iz-anta: pestilential, infectious, contageous; bubon- -o: bubonic plague; la pesto kaptez lu: may the plague take him. ? DEFIS
petal-o: (bot.) petal; sen- -a: apetalous. ? EFIS
petard-o: (mil.) petard; -eto: firecracker. ? DEFIRS
peticion-ar: (intr.) to petition: present a petition (ad ulu); -o, -ado: petition: written request; petitioning. ? DEFIRS
petiol-o: (bot.) petiole: leafstalk. ? EFIS
petonkl-o: (zool.) scallop: a shell-fish (genus: Pectunculus). ? FI
petr-o: stone (as a material substance; cf. roko, stono); -a: stony: (made) of stone; -oza: stony: full of stone; -epoko: stone age; -o-tali-isto: stone-cutter; -igar: to petrify; -izar: to cover with stone; -o-min-isto: quarryman; -o kruda: rough stone, quarry stone; -o-rupt-ilo: stone breaker; -o-konio: keystone; -o-plako: flagstone.
petrel-o: (orni.) stormy petrel; Mother Carey’s chicken (Procellaria pelagica). ? EFS
petris-ar: (tr.) to knead: work into a uniform mass (dough, etc.). ? F
petrografi-o: petrography. ? DEFIRS
petrol-o: petroleum, rock-oil; (cf. benzino, keroseno, gazolino). ? DEFIRS
petrologi-o: petrology. ? DEFS
petrosel-o: (bot.) parsley (genus: Petroselinum sativum). ? DRL
petul-ar: (intr.) to be frisky, impetuous, boisterous, turbulent, unruly.
petuni-o: (bot.) petunia (genus: Petunia). ? DEFIS
pez-ar: (intr.) to weigh (dek grami, e.c.) (cf. grav-esar, ponderar); -o: weight; -ajo: a heavy object; weight for weighing; -anta, -oza: heavy, weighty, ponderous; -o kun-tara: gross weight; -o neta: net weight; super- -o, pez-eceso: excess weight; -o viv-anta: live weight; -o ampla: good weight; -ajo falsa: a light weight (for weighing); po lua pezo ek oro: at its weight in gold; (fig.) extremely dear. ? FIS
«pfennig»: (German money) pfennig.
«pfund»: (weight) pound: one-half kilogram; 1.1 pound.
pi-a: pious, devout, godly; -eso: piety, devoutness (cf. devoco); -acho: a bigot. Def.: Qua reverencas Deo. ? EFIS
piaf-ar: (intr., of horses) to make a piaffer, to paw the ground. ? DeFS
piamatr-o*: (anat.) pia mater.
pian-o: piano, pianoforte; -pliar: (intr.) to play the piano; -o vertikala: upright piano; -o horizontala: grand-piano. ? DEFIRS
pice-o: (bot.) silver-leaved (spruce) fir (Picea excelsa). ? FIL
pichpin-o: (wood) pitch-pine. ? DEFIR
piedestal-o: pedestal (of a column, statue, vase, etc.); -eto: piedouche: small pedestal supporting a bust, etc. ? DEFIRS
pietism-o: (ch. hist.) pietism. ? DEFIRS
pietist-o: (ch. hist.) pietist. ? DEFIRS
pig-o: (orni.) magpie (genus: Pica); -ea: black and white colo(u)red. ? IS
pigarg-o: (orni.) pygarg, hen-harrier, -harm (Circus pygarus). ? EF
pigme-o: pigmy, dwarf; (fig.) a person without talent, or merit, or power. ? DEFIRS
pigment-o: (natural, physiol.) pigment (cf. farbo). Def.: Materio naturale koloroza, qua donas koloro ad altra kozi; V-660. Ex.: Okulala, harala, pelala pigmento. ? DEFIRS
pik-ar: (tr., lit. and fig.) to prick; prod, goad, puncture; sting; -etar: to peck at; strike with the beak; -(ad)o: prick, prodding; -uro: a prick, puncture; sting (of insects); -anta, -ema: prickly, stinging, piquant, pungent; biting, piercing, sharp, nipping (of cold, liquids, words, etc.); -ilo: a pricking instrument; -bastono: a goad (as for oxen). Ex.: Pikar sua fingro. Pikar bovulo, kavalo, papero. Vorti pikanta. Pikanta mustardo. ? DEFS
pikador-o: picador. ? DEFIRS
pike-o: (fabric) pique. ? DEFIS
piket-o: (mil.) picket; (card game) piquet. ? DEFIRS
pikl-o: something preserved in spice (cf. spico); -aji: pickles: vegetables, fruit or other food preserved in spice or vinegar pickle and used as a condiment; -o-sauco: ravigote: a sharp sauce.
piknik-ar: (intr.) to picnic. ? DEFRS
pikon-o:roko o harda materii (ex. makadamo). La (one-pointed) pick, pickaxe (cf. piocho). Def.: Instrumento por exkavar fera parto esas karakterizita per un pinto perpendikla a la mancho; VI-533.
pikt-ar: (tr.) to paint (pictures in oil or water colo(u)rs); (cf. indutar, farb-izar); -(ad)o, -uro: painting, picture; -inda, -ur-atra: pictureque. ? FIS
pikverd-o: (orni.) popinjay; green woodpecker (Picus viridis). ? FIS
pil-o: (of animals, also bot.) hair, bristle; (of persons) hair of all parts of body except top of head; (cf. haro); (of sheep, camels, etc.) wool; (of cloth, of hats) nap; -aro: (of one object) coat; -ala: relating to h.; -oza: hairy, shaggy, pilose; -o-bulbo: h. bulb, h. root; sen-pil-igar: to depilate; sen-pil-igivo: depilatory (substance); long-pila hundo: long-haired dog; reza-pila: short-haired. ? eFIS
pilastr-o: (arch.) pilaster, square column. ? DEFIRS
pilgrim-ar: (intr.) to go on a pilgrimage. ? DEFIR
pili-o: (elec.) pile, primary cell. Ex.: La pilio di volta. ? DEF
pilon-o: (Egyp. arch.) pylon. ? DEFIRS
pilor-o: (anat.) pylorus. ? EFIS
pilori-o: pillory; -agar: to pillory, put (ulu) in a pillory. ? EF
pilot-ar: (tr.) to pilot. ? DEFIS
pilul-o: (pharm.) pill ? DeFIRS
piment-o: pimento, allspice. ? DEFIS
pimpinel-o: (bot.) pimpernell (genus: Pimpinella).
pin-o: (bot.) pine-tree (genus: Pinus); -kono, -frukto: pine-cone. ? EFIS
pinakl-o: (arch.) pinnacle. ? DEFIS
pinastr-o: (bot.) Pinaster, the cluster pine (Pinus pinaster). ? EFIS
pinc-o: nippers (without hinges); claw (of crabs, etc.); -eto: (surg.) forceps; tweezers; -ego: (fire-) tongs; clamp; sukro- -o: sugar-tongs. V. exp.: Tenalio esas utensilo kompozita de du peci ligita per charniro. Pinco esas utensilo sen charniro (la du peci o parti esas unionita per resorto o flezebla parto); III-219. ? DEFIRS
pinch-ar: (tr.) to pinch, nip (ulu, ulo); -uro: the mark of a pinch (as on the skin). ? EF
pineal-a* (glando): (anat.) pineal (gland). ? DEFIS
pingl-o: pin; -agar: to pin (ulo); -o-pikar: to prick (ulo, ulu) with a pin; -if-erio: pin-making establishment; -o-kuseno: pin-cushion. Def.: Mikra metal–filo akutigita por unionar kozi; ornamento en formo di pinglo, kun kapo ornita. ? eF
pinguin-o: (orni.) penguin (genus: Aptenodytes). ? DEFIRS
pini-o: (bot.) nut-, stone-pine (Pinus Pinea). ? DF
pinion-o: pinion: small cog-wheel geared to a larger wheel. ? EFS
pinsel-o: (artist’s or painter’s brush; -stroko, -ago: a stroke of the brush. ? DFS
pint-o: point, sharp end; -a, -atra: pointed, sharp, peaked, tapering; -oza: barbed; -igar, -izar: to put a point on (ulo); sen- -igar: to blunt, remove the point from; -o-frapar: to thrust, stab, lunge; -o di flogilo: whip-lash. ? EFIS
pintad-o: (orni.) pintado: guinea-fowl, -hen (Numida meleagris). ? eFS
pioch-o: (double-ended) pickaxe; mattock; (cf. pikono); -agar: to dig (ulo) with a pickaxe. Def.: Instrumento por exkavar harda materii, di qua la fera parto havas du extremaji opozita (relate la mancho). VI-533. ? F
pion-o: (at chess) pawn; (at draughts) man. ? FS
pionir-o: (lit. and fig.) pioneer. ? DEFIR
pip-o: (tobacco-) pipe; (cf. tubo). ? EFIS
pipet-o: (chem.) pipette: tube to transfer liquids; dropping tube. ? DeFI
pipi-ar: (intr., of birds) to chirp. ? DFS
pipr-o: pepper (cf. papriko); -uyo, -buxo: pepperholder, pepper-box; -iz-ilo: pepper-shaker; ? eFI
pips-ar: (intr.) to have the pip; -o: pip, roup: disease of birds, poultry. ? DEFIS
piqu-o: (weapon) pike; (cards) spade.
pir-o: (bot.) pear; (fig.) any pear-shaped instrument or object; e.g. an electric light bulb; -iero: pear tree. ? EFIS
piramid-o: (geom. monument) pyramid; -ifar: to form a pyramid, rise like a pyramid; -o-trunko: frustrum of a pyramid. ? DEFIRS
pirat-o: pirate, buccaneer, free-booter (cf. korsaro); -eso: piracy. ? DEFIRS
piretr-o: (bot.) pyrethrum, feverfew (genus: Pyrethrum); -o-pulvero: insect powder (made from p.). ? eFI
pirik-o: (Gr. antiq.) pyrrhic: a warlike dance. ? DEFIS
pirit-o: (min.) pyrite(s). ? DEFIS
pirog-o: (Indian or savage) canoe, pirogue. Def.: Kanoto di sovajo, facita ek arboro-trunko o kortico (quale uzata da la Malayi Nord-Amerikan Indiani, e.c.). ? DeFIRS
pirogal-o*: (chem.) pyrogallol. ? DEFIRS
pirograb-ar: (tr.) to engrave on wood with a hot point; -o, -uro: pyrography. ? EFIS
pirol-o: (orni.) (golden-) oriole (genus: Oriolus galbula). ? D
pirometr-o: pyrometer. Def.: Instrumento por mezurar la maxim alta temperaturi. ? DEFIRS
Piron-ism-o: (antiq.) Pyrrhomism: an exaggerated skepticism. ? DEFIRS
piros-o: (med.) pyrosis; water-brash, heart-burn. ? DeFIS
pirotekn-o: pyrotechnics, fire-works. ? DEFIS
piroxil-o*: pyroxylin(e): guncotton.
piruet-ar: (intr.) to pirouette: turn, whirl on toes; (of horses) to whirl. ? DEFIRS
pist-ar: (tr.) to pound, bruise, crush (with a pestle); (cf. triturar); -ilo: pestle; (bot.) pistil; -uyo: (chemist’s, druggist’s) mortar. ? eFI
pistach-o: pistachio-nut; -iero: pistachio-tree (Pistacia vera). ? DEFIRS
pistol-o: (weapon) pistol. ? DEFIRS
piston-o: (tech.) piston; -stango: piston rod. ? DEFIRS
piti-o: (antiq.) the Pythia: priestess of Apollo. ? DEFIS
piton-o: (myth.) Python; (zool.) python (genus: Python). Def.: Serpento reala e mitologiala; III-142. ? DEFIS
pitonis-o: (antiq.) pythoness, witch; -o di Endor: witch of Endor. ? DEFIS
pitoresk-a, -eso*:
picturesque(ness); (cf. pikt-ur-atra).? DEFIS
pituit-o: (med.) mucus, phlegm, pituite; -oza: full of mucus; -ala: pituitary; (cf. muko). Def.: Humoro viskoza sekrecata da ula mukozi (di la nazo, di la bronkii) en stando morbala; IV-585. ? eFIS
pivot-o: pivot: (mechan.) pivot, journal: pin or short shaft on which anything turns: (milit.) the wing on which a troop turns; (fig.) main hinge, principal agent; turnar, rotacar sur (cirkum) pivoto: to turn on a pivot; pordo- -o: door-pivot, -hinge; l’interesto esas la pivoto di multi de nia agi: interest is the pivot of many of our acts. ? EF
piz-o: (bot.) pea (Pisum sativum); sen-shela -i: shelled peas; shelo- -i: peas in a pod. ? EFI
plac-o: place: open public space, as a square or circu in a town (cf. loko). ? DeFIRS
placent-o: (anat., bot.) placenta. ? DEFIS
plad-o: plate: small dish to eat off (cf. disho); -edo: plateful; -ego: platter; -moblo: buffet, side-board; -etajero (o tabulo): plate-shelf. ? EFIS
plafon-o: (arch.) ceiling, upper surface of a room; -izar: to put a ceiling on. ? DFR
plag-o: sore: break in soft part of body from disease; (fig.) plague, scourge (cf. pesto). Ex.: Ilua tota korpo esa kovrata da plagi. L’alkoholo esas plago di la publika saneso. Atilla nomizis su la plago di Deo. ? DeFS
plaj-o: beach, (sea-) shore, strand. V. exp.: Plajo esas la bendo plu o min larja di sulo, quan la maro alterne kovras e deskovras; existas plaji de sablo e plaji de rul-stoni. La rivo esas la limito inter la maro e la tale dicita ferme (sika) tero. La litoro esas la tota regiono adjacanta la rivo. La plaji esas nur aparta ed eceptala loki en la rivi: ne omna rivo esas plajo (ex.: rivo ek klifi od ek rokaji); IV-606. ? FIS
plaji-ar: (tr., intr.) to plagiarize (words, ideas from another). ? DEFIRS
plako: plate, sheet, slab: flat piece of metal, etc.; tablet, plaque; -izar: to plate (over), sheathe, sheet over, veneer, overlay; -o grab-ita: engraved plate; -turn- -o: (R.R.) turn-table; petro- -o: stone slab, flagstone; -iz-ita ringo: (of gold) plated ring. ? eFIR
plan-a: plane: without elevations or depressions; level, flat (cf. plata); -o: (geom.) plane (surface, figure, angle); (aeron.) plane; -ajo: a flat thing or place; plain: level land; alta -ajo: table-land; -kanto: (fig.) plain-song, -chant; -igar: to make (ulo) smooth, level, even; -o inklinita: inclined plane. ? DEFIRS
pland-o: (anat.) sole (of the foot). ? FIS
planet-o: (astron.) planet; -aro, -o-sistemo: planetary system. ? DEFIRS
planimetr-o*: planimeter. ? DEFIRS
planimetri-o: planimetry. ? DEFIRS
planisfer-o: planisphere. ? DEFIRS
plank-o: board, plank; -eto: small board; (painter’s) palette; -izar: to board up; -o-sulo: (board-) flooring. ? DEFIS
«plankton»: (biol.) plankton.
plant-o: (bot.) plant; -aro: flora; -o-cizo: pruning shears; -o-lauso: plant louse (cf. afidio); -izar: to ornament, cover with plants (cf. plantacar). ? DEFIS
plantac-ar: (tr.) to plant: set in the ground for growth; -ajo: something planted, slip, set, crop, plant (cf. planto); -erio: plantation; -anto, -isto: one who plants, a planter; -ilo: planting instrument; dibble, setting stick. ? DEFIS
plantag-o: (bot.) plantain (genus: Plantago). ? eFI
plantigrad-a, -o: (zool.) plantigrade (animal). Ant.: digitigrada. ? DEFIS
planton-o*: (milit.) orderly (soldier; cf. ordonanco); esar -o: to be on orderly duty. ? F
plas-o: place (for a person or thing); -izar: to place (ulu); to put (ulo, ulu) in a place (cf. pozar, lok-izar); -iz-anto, -isto: a person who places; usher (in a theater)(theatre). V exp.: Ta vorto esas necesa por signifikar la spaco okupata od okupebla da singla persono en irga loko (veturo, teatro, e.c.). Ol ne povas remplasesar da loko, mem min da sideyo; nam en omnibusi, tramveturi, urbala fervoyi, existas plasi sidanta e plasi stacanta. Ol povas signifikar anke la loko propra, rezervata o konvenanta por singla kozi: «Un plaso por omna kozo, ed omna kozo en sua plaso». On povas dicar exemple: «Me havas bona plaso proxim la loko ube eventis l’inauguro di la statuo X. sur la placo Y.»  Restis nula plaso en la teatro, quankam esis ankore multa spaco inter la rangi e granda vakua loki avan la pordi; II-19. ? DEF
plasm-o*: (physiol.) plasma. ? DEFIS
plastid-o*: (biol.) plastid. ? DEFIS
plastidul-o*: (biol.) plastidule. ? DEFIS
plastik-a: plastic; -arto: plastic art; -eso: plasticity. ? DEFIRS
plastilin-o*: modelling clay.
plastr-o: (med.) (sticking-) plaster (for the body; cf. kataplasmo); -eto: a small plaster; beauty-spot, -patch (for toilette). ? DEFIS
plastron-o: plastron: breast-plate; breast-pad; shirt-bosom, -front. Def.: Tri senci: pectoral peco di kuraso; pektoral peco, polster-izita, di vesto di skermisto; pektorala parto di kamizo; IV-202. ?eFI
plat-a: flat: having an even surface (cf. plana); (fig.) dull, insipid; -ajo: a flat object; plateau, upland, table-land; -a pedo: a flat foot; -eso: (quality) flatness; -a kalmeso: a flat calm; -e: flatwise; -igar: to flatten (cf. plan-igar); -naz-a, -(ul)o: flat, pug, snub-nosed (person). ? DEFIR
platan-o: (bot.) plane-tree, platane (genus: Platanus); -o ocident-ala: (N. American) sycamore (Platanus occidentalis). ? DEFIS
platen-o: (print.) platen.
platform-o: platform; horizontal surface or structure (cf. programo). ? DEFIRS
platin-o: (met.) platinum. ? DEFIS
Platon-ala, -isto, -ismo: Platon-ic, -ist, -ism.
plaud-ar: (tr., intr.) of liquids, waves: to break, beat against, splash; -etar: to ripple. ? L
ple-ar: (tr.) to play (a musical instrument, a role in a play; cf. ludar); -ach-ar: (tr.) to strum, thrum (a violin). Ex.: Plear valso. Violin-plear. Plear (rolo di) Athalie. ? E
plebey-o: plebian ? DEFIRS
plebecit-o: referendum: (hist.) plebescite, plebescitum. Def.: Voto pri ula lego o rezolvo da omna civitani di un stato (ex. en Suisa); III-142 ? DEFIRS
pled-ar: (intr., legal and gen.) to plead, argue (at the bar); to allege; -o: plea; -anto, -ero: pleader, litigant, suitor; -ach-anto, -ero: petifogger. ? DEFS
plekt-ar, inter- -ar, en- -ar: (tr.) to (inter-) lace, plait, twine, wreath, weave (straw, etc.; cf. tres-igar); -ajo: that which is intertwined. ? eL
plektr-o: (antiq. mus.) plectrum. ? DEFIS
plen-a: full, filled (de); -eso: fullness, plenitude; -e: fully, entirely; -igar: to fill; (fig.) to fulfil, accomplish; -a luno: full moon; -a de aquo: filled with water. Ant.: vakua. ? eFIS
plend-ar: (intr.) to complain; (jur.) lodge a complaint (che); -o: complaining, (law) accusation, charge; -anto: complainer; (law) plaintiff, complainant; -anta: complaining; -ema, -atra: plaintive, querulous. Ex.: Plendar pri kap-doloro. Il plendis, ke il esas frapita. V. exp.: vid. lamentar. ? EFS
plenipotenc-o: plenipotence, fullness or completeness of power; -iero, -iera: plenipotenciary. ? DEFIS
pleonasm-o: pleonasm, redundancy of words. ? DEFIRS
plesiosaur-o: (paleon.) plesiosaur(us). ? DEFIS
plet-o: tray, shallow receptacle for tea, pins, diamonds, etc. ? F
pletor-o: (med. and fig.) plethora; -ala, -ika: plethoric. Ex.: Pletoro de sango, de pekunio. ? DEFIS
pleuronekt-o: (ich.) brill, flounder: a flat fish of several species (Pleuronectes). ? L
pleuronektoid-o*: (ich.) plaice (Pleuronectidæ).? L
plevr-o: (anat.) pleura. ? eFIRS
plevrit-o: (med.) pleurisy. ? DeFIRS
plex-o: (anat.) plexus. ? DEFIS
pleyad-o, -i: (astron.) Pleiades; (fig.) a distinguished of authors, etc. Def.: Propra senco: ula stelaro (en signo di «Tauro»); metafora senco: grupo o skolo de autori, partikulare poeti (ex. la Franca pleyado en la 16a yarcento; III-142. ? DEFIS
plez-ar: (intr.) to be pleasing, be agreeable; (tr.) to please (ulu); -ar (ad) ulu: to please anyone; ta libro ne plezas (a) me: that book does not please me, is not to my taste, my fancy; facez to, qou plezas vu: do as you like (please); on ne povas plezas omni: one cannot please everybody. ? EFI
plezur-o: pleasure: delight, joy. Ex.: Facar ulo kun plezuro. Dansar esas plezuro. ? DEFIS
plik-o: (med.) plica, a disease of the hair. ? EFI
pliocen-o*: (geol.) Pliocene.? DEFIRS
plint-o: (arch.) plinth. ? DEFIS
plis-ar: (tr.) to plait; (fig.) to pucker, crease. Def.: Facar reguloza falduri en ulo; (kp. frunsar). ? DF
plomb-o: lead; -a: (made) of lead; -ea: lead-colo(u)red; -izar: to cover with lead; -siglar: (tr.) to seal or stamp with lead; -isto, -labor-isto: plumber; lead-worker. ? DEFIRS
plor-ar: (intr.) to cry, weep, shed tears (pri); -etar, -achar: to whimper, whine, snivel (cf. kri-achar); -igar: to cause (ulu) to cry; -anto, -ero: weeper; -isto: (fig.) hired mourner; -anta, -ema: weeping. V.exp.: vid. lakrim-ifar. ? F
plovier-o: (orni.) plover (genus: Charadrius). ? EFI
plu: (adv. of comparison) more, further; -e: moreover, besides; plu afabla: more amiable; plu bone, plu juste: better, preferable; plu multi: most (people); the generality, the majority; plu-mult-eso: (condition) plurality; plu multo: (the) more (used substantively); plu mal-e, -a: worse; tante plu ke: all the more that; dum plu kam: during more than; sempre plu: more and more; plu kam ul-tempe: more than ever; nek plu nek min: neither more nor less; quante plu granda la homo: the bigger the person; quante plu me manjas, tante plu me drinkas: the more I eat, the more I drink; demandar plu multo por obtenar min multo: to ask for more to obtain less; plu multa vino kam aquo: more wine than water; diferar per plu o min multo: to differ more or less; il esas plu kompat-inda kam blam-inda: he is more to be pitied than blamed; remedi-ilo plu mala kam la morbo: a remedy worse than the disease; Note: Plu can be used by itself before adjectives and adverbs, but with substantives and verbs mult-a, -e, grand-a, etc. should be added: lu plu multe, ofte ocias kam laboras; plu multa aquo. V exp.: Plu expresas augmento di ula quanto (qua restas o konsideresas identa a su ipsa); plus (quale la matematikal signo, quan ol tradukas) signifikas adiciono, do generale adjunto di ulo ad altro; II-666. Ant.: min.
plu-alt-igar: to make higher, taller; -alt-eskar: to become higher. Note: Plu to such verbalized adjectives as above adds the idea of comparison: -alt-igar: to make higher, taller (i.e. it was high before, or relatively, to make something higher than something else).
plu-bel-igar: to embellish, beautify.
plu-bon-igar: to better, improve.
plu-cher-igar: to make dearer (in price), raise the price of; -eskar: to become, grow dearer.
plu-dens-igar: to condense (a liquid): make more dense, more compact.
plu-dolc-igar: to soften, to render milder. Ex.: La pluvo pludolcigas la vetero. La vetero pludolceskas. Pludolcigar la voco.
plu-ferm-igar: to make firm, stout, resolute. Ex.: Astriktivo plufermigas la pelo. Ruptita gambo plufermeskas diope. Lua autoritato plufermeskas.
plu-fort-igar: to strengthen.
plu-fresh-igar: to freshen; (fig.) to enliven, give a filip to. Ex.: La pluvo plufreshigas la aero. Plufreshigar la korpo, la trupi.
plug-ar: (tr.) to plough; (fig.) to till; -ebla: arable: fit for tillage; -ilo: a plow. Def.: Sulkizar la sulo per plugilo. (fig.) Spadagar la tero por plantacar. ? DR
plu-grand-igar: (tr.) to make greater, enlarge, aggrandize.
plu-hard-igar: to harden: to make (ulo) harder.
plu-kurt-igar: to shorten, make (ulo) shorter; -eskar: to contract, shrink.
plu-lent-igar: to slow down, abate (ulo); -eskar: to slacken, flag.
plu-long-igar: (of time) to prolong, protract, lengthen. V. exp.: vid. prolongar.
plum-o: (of birds) feather, plume; (for writing) quill, pen; -aro: plumage, feathers (cf. penacho); collection of pens; -edo: penful (of ink); -fasko: feather-broom, -duster; -iero: pen-holder; -uyo: pen-rack; -izar: to feather; -vish-ilo: pen-wiper; -pinselo: a small feather-brush; fonten- -o: a fountain-pen; ganso- -o: goose-quill. ? eFIS
plump! thump! slap! bang! Def.: Indikanta falo, precipue di ulo grava, mola, inerta; IV-511
plump-a: (of things) unwieldy, unmanageable from bulk or weight; (of persons) thick-skulled, dull-witted; -a mashino, navo: an unwieldy machine, ship; -(ul)o: a person doltish, clumsy, heavy-bodied, or heavy-witted; dullard, blockhead, dunce (cf. stult-(ul)o): Def.: Expresas l’ideo di ulu, ulo grosa, pezoza e (pro to) nehabila o groteska; IV-605. ? D
plunj-ar: (intr.) to plunge, duck, dive, (en); -igar: to dip, plunge (ulo,en ulo); -o-klosho: diving bell; (cf. sinkar, submersar, imersar). Ex.: Plunjar en la maro. Plunjigar krucho en la aquo, dago en la korpo, sua manuo en la flami. ? EF
plur-a: several; -i: several people; -ala: relating to several; -ala, -alo: (gram.) plural; -foye: several times; -eso: two or more of the same kind; -kolora: of several colo(u)rs. ? DEFIS
plur-senc-a: having several senses or meanings; -eso: ambiguousness.
plur-silab-a: polysillabic.
plus(e): (adv.) further, furthermore, more, over and above, an addition; (arith.) plus; -a: additional, surplus, extra; -ajo: a surplus, overplus; me ne plus kantos, me ne kantos pluse: I shall sing no more; me ne plus hungras: I am no longer hungry; me ne plus pagos: I will pay no more; ne plus lu audez tua voco: no more shall he hear thy voice; pluso sequos: to be continued; un glaso pluse od, un pluse glaso: one glass more; nulo pluse: nothing in addition; plus-pagar: (tr.) to overpay; -e taxar: (tr.) to surtax; du plus tri minus un: two plus three minus one. Ex.: Mil yari e pluse. Un tablo plus quar stuli. Un pazo pluse. Il ne plus vivas. Me dicos nulo pluse. Ne plus amoro, do ne plus joyo. Plusa pezo, taxo. Plusajo di pekunio. Plusa exempleri (E. additional copies). V. exp.: vid. plu. Ant.: minus.
plush-o: (fabric) plush; -atra: plush-like, shaggy. Def.: Stofo simila a veluro e kun longa pili o lanugo sur un latero. ? DEFR
plusquamperfekto: (gram.) pluperfect (tense). ? DFS
plutokrati-o: plutacracy: rule and power of the rich. ? DEFIRS
Pluton-ala: (geol.) Plutonic. ? DEFIRS
pluv-ar: (intr.) to rain; -as: (impers.) it rains; -eskar: to start raining; -etar: to drizzle; -egar: to rain in torrents; -igar: to cause to rain; to shower down upon; -oza, -ema: rainy, wet, shower; -uro: rain (fallen); -aquo: rain water; -arko: rainbow; -o dina: a fine rain; -kanalo: gutter; -tubo: spout (descending to the ground); -tubulo: spout (which drips from above); -mantelo: rain-cloak. ? FIS
pluvial-o: pluvial: a priest’s cope. ? DEFIS
pluviometr-o: pluviometer, rain-gauge. ? DEFIS
pneumatik-a: pneumatic (machine, pump, etc.). ? DEFIS
po: for, at the price of, in exchange for (indicates value received or given); (fin.) per (cent.) as, kin po cento: (at the rate of) five percent (cf. procento); tanto po (un) semano: at so much a week; komprar ulo po triadek dollar-i: to buy something for thirty dollars (N.B. Ca kustas 1000 fr., not ca kustas po 1000 fr.). ? R
pocion-o: medicinal draught or potion.
podagr-o: podagra, gout in the feet; -ika, -iko: gouty (person). Def.: Goto di pedi; IV-516.
poem-o: poem. ? DEFIRS
poet-(ul)o: poet; -ino: poetess; -eto, -acho: poetaster, rhymester. ? DEFIRS
poetik-o: poetics, art of poetry. ? DEFIS
poezi-o: (composition) poesy, poetry; -ajo: a piece of poetry, a poem; -ala, -atra, -oza: poetical; -izar: to poetize, versify. ? DEFIRS
pok-a: few: not many; little: not much; -o: a little; -i: a few; -ope: by degrees, little by little, bit by bit; -a-foye: rarely, almost never; il parolis poke: he spoke but little. Def.: Mikra nombro o quanto. Ex.: Pos poka tempo. Poka homi esas kontenta pri sua posedaji. V. exp.: vid. kelka. Ant.: multa. ? FIS
pol-o: (geom., astron., geog., magnet.) pole; -ala: polar; -o-stelo: polar star. ? DEFIRS
polar-a: polar; -o: (math.) polar; -igar: to polarize; -igita: polarized; -eso: polarity. ? DEFIRS
polarimetr-o: (opt.) polarimeter.
polemik-ar: (intr.) to carry on a controversy (kun ulu); -(ad)o: polemic(s); -ala: polemical. ? DEFIRS
polen-o: (bot.) pollen. ? DEFIS
polex-o: pollex: thumb; -uyo: thumbstall; -o-lig-ilo: thumb-manacles. ? eIL
poliandr-a: polyandr-ian, -ous; -eso: polyandry; (bot.) polyandria. Def.: (Muliero) qua samtempe havas plura spozuli; (speco di planti) qua havas duadek o plu multa stamini. ? DEFIRS
polic-o: police administration or regulation; -ano, -isto: policeman; -ist-aro: (collect.) the police; -estro: the chief of police; -ala: relating to police regulations; -ista: relating to police; -an-acho: bobby, cop, peeler. Def.: Ensemblo di la regularo qua mantenas l’ordino e la sekureso publika. ? DEFIRS
poliedr-o: (geom.) polyhedron. ? DEFIRS
polifiletik-a: (biol.) polyphyletic. ? DEFIS
polifoni-o: polyphony. Def.: Multeso de soni diferanta ma sam-tempa. ? DEFIRS
poligam-a: polygamous; (bot.) polygamian; -(ul)o: polygamist; -eso: polygamy. ? DEFIRS
poliglot-a, -(ul)o: polyglot. ? DEFIRS
poligon-o: (geom.) polygon; (bot.) polygonum: knot-grass, -weed (genus: Polygonum). ? DEFIRS
poligraf-o: multigraph, poylgraph: instrument for multiplying copies of a writing; -(ul)o: (fig.) an author who writes on several subjects. ? DEFIS
poligrafi-o: the art of operating a polygraph. ? DEFIS
polikrom-a: polychrome. ? DEFIRS
polilem-o: (philos.) polylemma, predicament. ? DEFIRS
polimati-o: polymathy, varied learning. ? DEFIS
polimorf-a: polymorphous, multiform. ? DEFIS
polinomi-o: (alg.) polynome. ? DEFIS
polip-o: (zool.) polyp; (med.) polypus: a species of tumor. ? DEFIRS
polis-ar: (tr.) to polish (marble, wood, steel, etc.) (fig.) to polish: refine (the mind, one’s style, manners, etc.) Def.: Igar ulo glata e brilanta per friciono; brunisar. ? DEFIRS
polisperm-o: polysperm.
polit-a: (of manners) polite, civil, courteous; -eso: politeness, civility, good breeding; -ajo: act of politeness; -eg-eso: urbanity; des-, ne- -a: discourteous, uncivil. V. exp.: vid. jentila. ? EFS
politeism-o: polytheism. ? DEFIRS
politeist-o: polytheist. ? DEFIRS
politeknik-o: polytechnics; -ala: polytechnic: relating to arts and sciences; -ano: (fig.) a student in a p. school; -o-skolo: a p. school. Def.: Cienco di la mekanikal arti. ? DEFIRS
politik-o: politics, public policy; -ala: political; -ero: one who dabbles in politics; -isto: (good sense) politician; -ist-acho: (bad sense) politician. Def.: La cienco di guvernado; l’adminstrado di publika afero. ? DEFIRS
politrop-a: (math.) polytropic. ? DEFIRS
polk-ar: (intr.) to dance the polka. ? DEFIRS
polonez-o: polonaise, a kind of dance. ? DEFRS
polp-o: octopus, devil-fish (genus: Octopus). ? eFIS
polster-o: stuffing, padding, wadding (of garments, etc.); -izar: to stuff, pad (ulo); -ajo: what stuffed, padded: bolster, pad, cushion, padded quilt, etc. ? DeIR
poltron-o: cowardly, dastardly, chicken-hearted; (cf. febl-anma); -(ul)o: coward, poltroon, skulker; -eso: cowardice; -ajo: cowardly action. Def.: Pavor-(eg)ema; sen-kuraj-(eg)-a. ? DEFI
polut-ar: (tr.) to pollute, defile (cf. kontaminar, profanacar); -esar: (fig.) to be polluted; to have seminal discharge or emission. ? DEFIRS
polv-o: dust (cf. pulvero, pudro); -oza, -atra: dusty; -ifar: to rise (of dust); to be dusty (of roads); -igar: to reduce (ulo) to d.; -eskar: to become dusty; -izar: to cover (ulu, ulo) with d.; -o-nubo: a cloud of d. ? IS
pom-o: an apple; -iero: apple tree; -ier-eyo: orchard. ? FI
pomad-o: pomade, pomatum; -izar: to apply p. to (hair or exterior of the body); har- -o: hair p. ? DEFIRS
pomel-o: pommel (of saddle); knob on the hilt of a sword or pistol. Def.: Mikra bulo ye l’extremajo di espado, di pistolo od avan solo; III-142. ? EFIS
pomp-o: pomp, state, show; -acho: (bad sense) parade, display (cf. ostento); -oza: stately; -oz-acha: pompous (bad sense); kun granda pompo: with great pomp, in great state. ?DEFIS
pompelmus-o: (bot.) shaddock (Citrus decumana). ? DFIS
pompon-o: pompon, top-knot; tuft added to dress of a soldier, etc. ? DEFS
ponder-ar: (tr.) to weigh (ulu, per ulo); (cf. pezar); (fig.) to ponder (mentally); -o: weighing; -ebla: ponderable; -ilo: scale; -isto, -ero: weigher; -resorto: spring-balance, scale; -ar ample: to give good weight. Def.: Determinar la pezo di ulo per ponderilo; (fig.) explorar atencoze. ? EFIS
pone-o: pony: small horse. ? DEF
poniard-o: poniard, dagger; -agar, poniarde ocidar: to poniard, stab (ulu) with a dagger; (cf. dago). ? EFIS
pons-a: poppy-colo(u)red, flame colo(u)red, vivid scarlet. ? DFIRS
pont-o: bridge (over a river, etc.); -eto: foot-bridge; (R.R. culvert); (nav.) gangway; (tech.) trigger-guard (of a firearm); -o suspend-ita: suspension b.; -o turn-ebla: swing b.; -o tub-atra: tubular b.; batel- -o: b. of boats; lev- -o: lifting b. ? FIS
pontifik-o: pontiff; (Jewish) high priest; (Roman) pontifex; (cf. papo); -o supr-ega: the sovereign pontiff; the pope; -ala: pontifical; -eso: pontificate (cf. pap-eso); -e oficiar: to reign as pontiff. ? DEFIRS
ponton-o: pontoon, boat used as bridge; -isto: military pontonier. ? DEFIRS
ponyet-o: wrist-band. Def.: La finala parto di la maniko; VI-245. Ex.: Kamizo ne-starchita, nokto-kamizo ne havas mansheti, ma nur ponyeti. ? F
pop-o: (Russian, Grecian) priest, (village) pope. Def.: Rusa (greka) sacerdoto; III-594.
popl-o: (bot.) poplar (tree) (genus: Populus). ? DEFI
poplin-o: (fabric) poplin. ? DEFIRS
poplit-o: (anat.) ham, region back of the knee joint; (in quadrupeds). ? ISL
popul-o: people, population (of a town, city, country; cf. habit-ant-aro); -ala: relating to the people (cf. populara); -oza: populous; -izar: to people, populate: furnish with inhabitants; -iz-ado, -iz-uro: peopling; -acho: the mob, rabble, riffraff (cf. plebey-aro); -acha: low, vulgar. ? EFIS
popular-a: popular: prevailing among and liked by the people; -eso: popularity; -igar: to make (ulo) popular, to popularize. ? DEFIRS
popurit-o: potpourri, medley, hotch-potch. ? DeF
por: (prep. indicating aim) for, in view of, in favo(u)r of; por ke: (conj., followed by imperative) in order that, so that; por quo: for what?; por ne: lest; omni por unu, unu por omni: all for one, one for all; pregar, votar por ulu: to pray, to vote for someone; kombatar por la patrio: to fight for the country; ol esas por vu: it is for you; por la formo: for the sake of form; por la venjo: for (the sake of) vengeance; le por e la kontre: the pros and the cons; dek franki por un semano: ten francs a week; me dicas tu a vu nun, por ke vu esez preparita: I tell you now, (in order) that you may be prepared. ? FIS
por-o: (anat. and fig.) pore; oza: porous; -oz-eso: porosity. ? DEFIRS
porcelan-a, -o: porcelain, (fine) china (ware); (cf. fayenco). ? DEFIS
porcion-o: portion, ration, share, allowance; -eto, -acho: pittance; -izar: to put (ulu) on (short) allowance; -izo: rationing; -igar: to portion out (ulo). Def.: Parto de un toto; partikulare ula provizuro de pano, de karno, esanta dividita inter uli. ? DEFIRS
pord-o: door, doorway; gate; -ego: large door, portal (cf. portalo); (city-) gate; -(o-gard)isto: door-keeper; -o-tapeto: door-curtain, portiere; -alo: leaf of a folding d.; -frap-ilo: d. knocker; -o-framo, -kadro: d. frame; -o-veino: portal vein. ? eFIS
porel-o: (bot.) leek (Allium Porrum). ? DFIRS
porfir-o: (min.) porphyry. ? DEFIS
porism-o: (geom.) porism. ? DEFI
pork-o: pig, hog, swine, porker; -o-karno (fresha, sal-iz-ita, fum-igita): pork, pig meat (fresh, salted, smoked); -karn-ajo: piece of pork; -ino: sow; -ulo: boar; -o-pilo: hog;s bristle; -o-gard-isto: swineheard; -eyo, -o-stablo: pig-sty; -ala: porcine; -o-pelo: rind (of bacon); -o-felo: pigskin. ? EFIS
porkespin-o: (zool.) porcupine (European genus: Hystrix; N. American genus: Erethizon).
pornograf-a: porngraphic; -(ul)o: a person who occupies himself with pornography. ? DEFIS
pornografi-o: pornography: art or literature of an obscene nature. ? DEFIS
port-ar: (tr.) to carry, bear, bring, take: convey in vehicles, by ship, hand, or person, also of wind, water, etc. (as agent) to wear (clothes, a sword, etc.); -(ad)o; (act.) carrying, carriage, conveyance, porterage; -ajo: that which is carried; load, burden; -anto, -ero, -isto: carrier, bearer, porter; -ebla: portable; -ar la vestaro: to wear clothes; for- -ar: to carry away; (cf. transportar). V. exp.: vid. suportar. ? EFIS
porta veino: (anat.) portal vein, gate-vein.
portal-o: portal; grand and imposing door (as of a church, etc.). ? DEFIRS
porte-o: range, reach of a shot, bullet, of a voice, etc.
portfoli-o: portfolio, a case in which to keep loose papers. ? DEFI
portik-o: portico, porch, covered space enclosed by columns at entrance of building. ? DEFIRS
portret-o: (pr. and fig.) portrait, personal representation by painting, drawing, photography; -(pikt)isto: portrait painter; facio-, profil-, statur-portreto: face, profile, full-length portrait; facar la -o di: to depict, make a portrait of. ? DEFR
portu-o: (sea-) port, harbo(u)r, haven; -o komercala: commercial port; -o milit-ala: naval harbor or station; -o dopa: inner harbor; salveo- -o: a saluting port; -pilot-isto: harbor pilot. ? EFIRS
portulak-o: (bot.) portulaca, purslane (genus: Portulaca). ? DeIRL
pos: (prep.) after (in time; cf. dop); -e: afterwards, next, later; -ke: after that; -a: subsequent, later; -eso: posteriority; pos quar kloki: after four o’clock; pos quar hori: after four hours. Ex.: Pagenda pos triadek dii. Unesme on devas lernar e pose on darfas ludar. Pos ke vu esos parolinta, il parolos. (E. after you have (or, shall have) spoken, he will speak. To eventis pos ke ne venis. Ant.: ante. ? L
pos-dat-izar: to postdate (a letter, etc.).
pos-dimez-e, -o: (in) the afternoon.
pos-dine-e: after dinner; -o: time after dinner (afternoon or evening, as the dinner is early or late).
posed-ar: (tr.) possess, be in possession of, own, have the faculty or quality (cf. havar, proprietar); -eskar: to become possessor of, take possession of; -ajo: object (possessed); -anto: possessor; -ala: (gram.) possessive; -alo: possessive case; a possessive. Ex.: Posedar pekunio, domo, ula furio posedis il. Me pagos vu kande me posedos plu multa pekunio. Ka vu esas la posedanto di ta agro? Posedal pronomi. ? eFIS
posh-o: pocket; -libro: a book for the pocket (cf. burso); -ala pekunio: (fig.) pocket money, (spare) change; -horloj-o: watch; -furt-isto: pick-pocket; -kultelo: penknife; -kayero: note-book (cf. not-libreto). ? F
posibl-a: possible; -ajo, -eso: possibility; -igar: to render (ulo) p., to enable; maxim multe posible, tam multe kam posible: as much as p.; maxim bona posible: as good as p.; minim posible bruiso: least possible noise; vua helpo posibl-igis a me facar: your help made it possible for me to do it. ? EFIS
pos-morg-e: (on) the day after tomorrow. Ex.: Se me ne venos morge, takaze me venos posmorge.
pos-nask-ar: (intr.) to be born after (ulu); -inta: younger.
pos-skrib-ajo: postscript.
pos-supe-e: after supper.
post-o: mail, post, postal service, public conveyance and delivery, esp. of letters, packages; -e: by post; -ala karto, posto-karto: postal-card; -o-pakajo: a postal package; (fig.) parcel-post; -ala uniono: postal union; -o-kontoro: post office; -estro: postmaster; -isto: employee of postal service; letter-carrier; postman; -o-treno: mail train; -e restante: till called for; -o-marko: postage stamp; -o-stampo: post mark; -o-mandato: money order; -o-veturo: post-chaise; -e voyajar: to travel by post. ? DEFIRS
posten-o: post, a place to guard; beat (of a policeman, etc.); honor- -o: (fig.) post of hono(u)r; -izar: to post, station (uli, ulu, su) (cf. facionar); Ex.: Stacar en posteno. Gardar posteno. Livar, desertar posteno. ? DeFIRS
postern-o: (fort.) postern; small gate under a rampart. ? DEFIS
postig-o: small casement in a door or window; blind (of a carriage). Def.: (Mikra) parto (ordinare, vitro-plako) di la fenestro o pordo qua esas apertebla. ? S
postilion-o: postilion. ? DEFIRS
postpozicion-o: postposition, a word or particle placed after or at the end of a word.
postul-ar: (tr.) to demand, exact, require (ulo, de ulu); -o, -em-eso: demand, requirement, exigency; -ajo: what is demanded, claimed; -ema: exacting. V.exp.: vid. demandar. ? FL
postulat-o: (philos.) postulate. ?
postum-a: posthumous; -o: p. child; -ajo: p. work. ? DEFIS
postur-ar: (intr., lit. and fig.) to assume an attitude, to pose (as for a statue, a picture); to sit (for one’s picture); -o: posture, attitude, pose; -o koaktata: constrained attitude; -o di la guvernerio: attitude of the government. ? DEFIS
pot-o: pot, kettle, jug: earthenware or metal vessel used for cooking or merely holding something; -edo: potful; -if-eyo: a pottery; -if-isto: potter; lakto- -o: milk jug or can; floro- -o: flower p.; -o fera: iron p.; terakota -o: earthen p. ? EFS
potas-o: potash. ? DEFIRS
potenc-o: (math.) power; sis potenco quara: six to the fourth power (64). Def.: Produkto qua rezultas de multiplikado di nombro per su. ? DeFIR
potencial-a, -o: (all senses) potential, possible. ? DEFIS
potent-a: powerful, potent, mighty; -(ul)o: potentate; -eso: potency, might (cf. povo, fort-eso, autoritato). ? DEFIS
«pound»: (pl. -i) pound (sterling). ? E
pov-ar: (tr., intr.) to be able (to do), can (do), could, have the power to; -o: power, ability, force, means, might; (polit.) a power, powerful country. Ex.: Ni facas to quon ni povas. Me ne povis venar hiere. Me povabus manjar ol, ma me ne hungris. La povo di la mento. V. exp.: vid. darfar. ? FIS
povr-a: poor, needy; -o, -ulo, -ino: poor person (cf. indij-anto); -eso: poverty; -ajo: a sorry thing (cf. meskin-ajo); -igar: to impoverish; la mente povri: the poor in mind (in spirit). Ant.: richa. ? EFIS
poz-ar: (tr., lit and fig.) to place, set, lay (down), ground (cf. depozar); -eso: position (cf. situ-eso); -ar kom principo: to state, lay down a principle; super- -o: imposition: laying on. ? FIS
pozicion-o: (milit., or strategical) position.
pozitiv-a: (math., elec., philos., gram.) positive; -em-ulo: a person of positive ideas; practical, matter-of-fact person; -ismo: (philos.) positivism; -ista, -isto: positivist. Ant.: negativa. ? DEFIRS
pozolan-o: pozzolana, a mortar made from volcanic ashes. ? DeFIS
pragmat-o: (philos.) matter-of-fact, reality; «fait accompli»; -ala: pragmatical: dealing with practical values or consequences; -ismo: pragmatism; -isto: pragmatist. ? DEFIRS
pragmatik-o*: (hist.) pragmatic sanction.
praktik-ar: (tr.) to practice, put into practice, exercise; to observe (a rule, etc.); -ala: pertaining to practice or action, practical (matter); -ema: pratical, experienced (person); -ebla: practicable, feasible, possible; (of roads) passable; -isto: practitioner; -anta: practising. Ex.: On praktikas la medicino, l’agro-kultivado. Esas necesa praktikar longatempe, ante ke on povas divenar habila. Praktikebla ideo, voyo. ? DEFIS
pralin-o: praline, burnt almond. ? DeF
pram-o: (nav.) pram(e): flat-bottomed boat used in the Baltic. Def.: Speco di navo (barko) kun plata fundo, nur un ponto, kun segli e remili; IV-462.
prat-o: meadow. ? FIS
pre-aranj-ar: (tr.) to prearange, to provide (for or against).
pre-av-ino: great grandmother; -av-ulo: great grandfather.
prebend-o: prebend, stipend granted to a prebendary; -iero: prebendary. ? DEFIS
prec-o: (lit. and fig.) price, charge; (fig.) expense; kusto-preco: cost price; -oza: costly, expensive, valuable, precious (in money value); -oza lapido: precious stone; -oz-eso: preciousness; -oz-ajo: a precious thing; fabrik- -o: cost of making, manufacturing cost; kozo super omna -o: a priceless thing; pro irga -o: at any price; (fig.) cost what it will. ? DEFIS
preced-ar: (tr.) to have, to take precedence of, to go before in rank, importance, etc.; (cf. pre-irar); -o: precedence: right or fact of precedency, priority; -anto: one who has or takes precedence; predecessor (in office); (pl.) predecessors, forefathers; -anta: antecedant, (cf. antea, antecedento). Def.: Esir en plaso, ofico nemediate avan; -e: pasar avan altru segun lego, regulo; VI-418. Ex.: Grava aferi precedas la neimportanta. ? EFIS
precedent-o: a precedent, authoritative case, example or instance. ? DEFIS
precept-o: precept, authoritative rule of action. ? EFIS
preceptor-o: preceptor, tutor, instructor. ? DEFIS
precesion-o: (astron.) precession (of the equinoxes). ? DEFIS
precipis-o: precipice; (fig.) calamity. ? EFIS
precipit-ar: (tr., pr. and fig.) to precipitate, cause to fall, hurry along, throw down, hurl headlong, dash down, plunge; (chem.) to throw to the bottom of a vessel; -ar su: to rush (upon); -ajo: (chem.) precipitate. Ex.: Il precipitis su ek la fenestro. Precipitar naciono en milito. ? DEFIS
precipu-a: principal, main, leading, capital; -e: above all, especially; -ajo: the chief thing, essential part, main point; e precipue, esez prudenta: and above all be prudent. Def.: Qua esas maxim konsiderinda, importanta. ? L
pre-cit-ar: (tr.) to previously cite; -cit-ita: above mentioned, aforesaid.
preciz-a: precise, having fixed limitation, not loose, vague or uncertain; definite, distinct, exact, formal, terse; (N.B. not used of persons); -e: precisely, just so; -eso: precision; -igar: to state precisely, to specify; -igo, -iguro: specification. Def.: Qua esas strikte definita o determinita; IV-102. Ex.: Dio preciza. Horo preciza. Ordino preciza. V. exp.: vid. akurata, exakta. ? DEFIRS
pre-dat-izar: to antedate.
pre-destin-ar: (tr.) to predestine, foredoom, preordain.
pre-determin-ar: (tr.) to predetermine.
pre-dic-ar: (tr.) to predict, prophesy, foretell (cf. augurar); -anta: prophetic.
predik-ar: (tr., intr., lit. and fig.) to preach (ulo, ad ulu); (cf. exhortar); -anto, -ero, -isto: preacher; -ar per sua exemplo: to set an example, to practise what one preaches. ? DEFIS
predikat-o: (log., gram.) predicate. ? DEFIS
pre-dis-poz-ar: (tr., gen. and med.) to prepossess, predispose (cf. inklinar); -eso: predisposition, presumption, prejudice; -ita: prepossessed, biassed.
pre-dominac-ar: (intr.) to predominate (cf. preponderar); -o: predominance, prevalence.
pre-establis-ar: (tr.) to preestablish, establish beforehand.
pre-exist-ar: (intr.) to pre-exist.
prefac-o: preface (of a book); -izar: to insert, write a preface (for). ? EFIS
prefekt-o: (Rom. antiq. and chief administrator of each department in France) prefect. ? DEFIRS
prefer-ar: (tr.) to prefer, like better: give preference in mind to (ulo, kam); -esar: to be preferred; -o: preference, predilection; -ajo: what is preferred, choice; -e (kam): preferably (to), in preference (to), rather (than); -inda: preferable. Ex.: Preferar mortar kam vivar. Preferar la honoro kam la pekunio. ? EFIS
prefix-o: (gram.) prefix; -izar, -igar: to put at the beginning of a word. ? DEFIRS
prefoliacion-o: (bot.) prefoliation. ? DEFIRS
preg-ar: (tr.) to pray (to) (God); to beg, entreat, beseech (ulu, pri, por); (cf. suplikar); -o-stulo: praying-chair, -desk; -o-libro: prayer-book; facar (od dicar) prego: say a prayer; me pregas: I pray, I beg; if you please. ? FI
pre-hier-e: (on the) day before yesterday, two days ago.
pre-histori-o: pre-history, history prior to written history; -a: prehistoric. Def.: Ensemblo di la konocata fakti pri la epoko antea a la tempi historiala.
pre-intenc-ar: (tr.) to premeditate (cf. pre-meditar).
pre-ir-ar: (tr.) to precede, go before, go first or in front of (cf. precedar).
pre-judici-a: (jur.) interlocutory, not final or definative (judgement).
pre-judik-ar: (tr.) to prejudge; -o: prejudgement, presumption, prejudice; -a: prejudicial, preconceived.
prekar-a: (tr.) precarious, depending upon the will or pleasure of another; uncertain, unsettled. ? DEFIS
prekoc-a: precocious, early, ripe befor the proper season; (of persons) ripe in understanding at an early age. Def.: Developita ante la normal evo; III-606. ? EFIS
pre-kompr-ar: (tr.) to buy (ulo) beforehand; (fig.) to preempt.
pre-koncept-ita: preconceived.
pre-konoc-o (sav-o): foreknowledge, prescience.
prekursor-o: precursor, forerunner. ? EFIS
pre-last-a: next to the last, last but one; (gram.) penultimate; -a silabo: penult.
prelat-o: prelate. ? DEFIRS
preliminar-a: preliminary; -i: (the) preliminaries. ? DEFIRS
prelud-ar: (intr., mus.) to play a prelude. ? DEFIS
pre-matur-a: premature.
pre-medit-ar: (tr., intr.) to premeditate; -o: premeditation; (jur.) malice aforethought, malice prepense; -e: designedly, wilfully; with malice aforethought.
premi-o: (com., fin., insurance) premium, bounty, bonus; (in competitions) a prize; -izar: to give a premium or prize to. ? DEFIRS
premic-o, -i: first-fruits; (fig.) first mass (of a newly ordained priest). ? FIS
premis-o: (log.) premise. ? DEFIS
pren-ar: to take: lay hold of, by hand, etc.); -o: taking, prehension; (at cards) trick; -iva: prehensile; -ar per la dento: to take hold of with the teeth; -ar ulu ye la brakio: to take someone by the arm; -ar kozi inverse (od reverse): to take things the wrong way, amiss; de-, for- -ar: to take from, remove. ? FI
pre-nom-o: first name, Christian name; -izar: to christen, give a first name to (ulu).
pre-onkl-ulo: great uncle.
pre-opinion-o: prepossession, presumption.
pre-pag-ar: (tr.) to prepay.
prepar-ar: (tr., intr.) to prepare (su, ulu, ulo, por, kontre); -(ad)o: preparation, preparing; -ajo: (also chem.) preparation (made); -anta, -iva, -ala: preparatory, preparative. Def.: Aranjar antee; predispozar. Ex.: preparar dineo, diskurso, la mento, por voyajar. ? DEFIRS
preponder-ar: (intr.) to preponderate, have a superiority in weight or influence; -o: preponderance, sway; -anta: preponderant, prevailing; convincing (reason). ? DEFIS
prepozicion-o: (gram.) preposition. ? DEFIRS
prepuc-o: (anat.) prepuce, foreskin. ? EFIS
prerogative-o: prerogative, exclusive pivilege or right. ? DEFIRS
pres-ar: (tr.) to press, bear upon with force or weight; -eso alta, basa: high, low pressure; kun presar la denti: to clinch (clench) the teeth. ? DEFIRS
pre-sapor-o: foretaste.
pre-sav-o: foreknowledge, prescience.
presbit-a, -(ul)o: far-sighted (person), presbyte, presbyopic. ? DeFIS
presbiter-ismo: Presbyterianism; -ista, -isto: presbyterian. ? DEFIRS
presbiteri-o: council of parish trustees; vestry council, presbytery (church elders); -ano: church warden. ? DeFIRS
pre-sent-ar: (tr.) to have a presentiment of (ulo). Def.: Havar sentimento nepreciza, instintatra pri ulo qua forsan eventos.
pre-sign-o: presage, omen.
preske: (adv.) almost, nearly, all but, scarcely. Ex.: Me vendis preske omno. Preske nulo restas. Laboro preske parfinita. Me preske nultempe vidis il. V. exp.: vid. quaze. ? FI
pre-skis-ar: (tr.) to make a preliminary sketch of.
preskript-ar: (tr.) to prescribe, to set down authoritatively, to direct, order; (med.) to direct as a remedy; -o: (gen.) precept, direction; (med.) prescription (cf. recepto). ? EFIS
presktir-ar: (tr., jur.) to bar or be lost by statute of limitation. Def.: Preskrito: perdo od aboliso di yuro pos definita tempo; III-410. ? FIS
pre-sorg-ar: (tr., intr.) to take precautions, be cautious (pri, kontre); -ante, -ema: precautionary, cautious, wary; -o: precaution.
prest-ar: (tr.) to lend, loan (ulo ad ulu); -o: lending, loan (act); -ajo: that which is loaned, a loan; -isto (po gajo): pawnbroker; -ar po interesto: to loan at interest. ? FIS
prestacion-o: (feudal law) prestation. Def.: Speco di kontributo per laboro o pekunio por la manteno di la publika voyi, e.c.; IV-447. ? DEFIS
prestij-o: prestige. Def.: Speco di autoritato od influo, qua venas de l’extera aspekto ed efikas per l’opiniono ed imaginado; IV-447. ? DEFIRS
pre-supoz-ar: (tr.) to presuppose; -o, -ajo: presupposition.
pretend-ar: (tr.) to lay claim to (ulo); be a pretender to (a throne, etc.); -o: pretension, claim; -ema: pretentious; (cf. pretextar). ? DeFIRS
preter: (prep.) passing, past (by): indicates motion from one side to the other past a certain object; preter-irar: (tr., intr.) to pass (by), go beyond; (fig.) to overreach (cf. devancar); la kavaliero ne haltis apud la kirko ma kavalkadis preter ol: the knight did not stop at the church but rode past it; departinte ante ni, la amiki arivis pos ni; nam ni rajuntis li e preteriris li: having departed before us, our friends arrived after us; for we overtook them and passed them by. ? L
preterit-o: (gram.) preterit(e): a past tense. ? DEFIS
preter-pas-ar: (tr.) to pass by (ulu, ulo)
pretext-ar: (tr.) to allege (as a pretext), pretend, feign, sham (ulo); -o: pretext, pretence: ostensible reason; -o falsa, versembl-anta: fake, specious, pretended; il pretextas nesavo: he pretends ignorance; pretextar ula afero urjanta: to allege pressing business; kun pretexto di maladeso: under pretence of illness. ? EFIS
pretor-o: (Rom. antiq.) pretor, prætor; -eyo: pretorium; -ano: a pretorian soldier. ? DEFIRS
pre-urb-o: suburb (= F. faubourg: district which is or was formerly outside the city walls; cf. sub-urbo); -ala: suburban; -ano: suburbanite.
pre-valor-ar: (tr.) to prevail (cf. preponderar, vinkar). Ex.: Favoro ofte prevaloras super merito.
prevarik-ar: (intr.) to betray one’s trust (N.B. not «to lie»; cf. mentiar); -o: breach of trust (esp. in public office). Def.: Faliar sua devo pro interesto o ne-sincereso. Ex.: Ministro, judiciisto, qua prevarikas en sua ofico. ? FIS
prevent-ar: (tr.) to prevent, ward off, forestall; -iva, -ivo: preventive. Def.: Impedar o remediar ula evento (mala) ante lua aparo; II-20. ? EFIS
pre-vid-ar: (tr.) to foresee, anticipate; -o: foresight, prevision; -ema: provident, prudent, careful; -ante: in anticipation of (ulo).
prevost-o: provost. Def.: Titulo uzata en diversa faki: eklezio, militistaro, polico, etc. (La epiteti o la kuntexto specialigos olu); V-89. ? eFI
prezent-a: (in space) present: not absent; (in time) present: not past or future (cf. nuna); -e: at present, now; -o: (the) present (time); (gram.) present tense; -eso: presence: existence in a place. V. exp.: On parolas pri persono prezenta same kam evento prezenta; VI-163. Ant.: absenta, pasinta. ? DEFIS
prezerv-ar: (tr.) to preserve, save: keep from injury (ulu, ulo, de, kontre); (cf. konfitar, konservar); -iva, -ivo, -ilo: peservative. Ex.: Preservar ulu de grande danjero. ? DEFIRS
prezid-ar: (tr., intr.) to preside over; to take the chair, be chairman; -o: presiding; -anto, -ero, -isto: president, chairman; -ant-eso: (function, duration) presidency; chairmanship; -ant-ala: presidential. ? DEFIRS
prezunt-ar: (intr.) presumptuous, presuming; to have undue confidence in oneself; -o: presumption, excess of self-confidence; -ema, -oza: presuming, too confident, self-conceited; without proper basis in reason. V. exp.: vid. superba. Ex.: Yuneso esas prezuntoza. ? eFIS
pri: (prep.) about, concerning, relating to, in regard to, in reference to, as regards, re, apropos of; joyoza pri la bona informo: glad about the good news; diskurso pri ekonomio: lecture on economy; pri quo ve pensas nun? what are you thinking about now? me pensas pri mea gepatri: I am thinking about my parents; me ne savas pri to: I do not know about that.
prikl-ar: (tr., intr.; of sensation) to prickle, tingle; sentar -eso di la gambi: to feel one’s legs asleep. ? DE
prim-a: primary: first in order of development, of time; not derived; -tipo: archetype; -avi (nia): (our) first parents; -a nombri, kolori: prime numbers, colo(u)rs; -o: (fig., fencing) prime; (R.C. Lit.) prime. ? DEFIRS
primadon-o: primadonna. ? DEFIRS
primar-a: primary, elementary, first or lowest in order; -a skolo: primary school; -a tereni: (geol.) strata earliest deposited. ? DEFIS
primat-o: (eccl.) primate. ? DEFIS
primitiv-a: primitive; -o: (hist. gram.) a primitive. Ex.: Primitiva naturo, eklezio, linguo. ? DEFIRS
primordial-a: primordial. ? DEFIS
primroz-o: (bot.) primrose (Primula grandiflora). ? E
primul-o: (bot.) cowslip (Primula officinalis). ? DeFIS
princ-(ul)o: prince (cf. rej-ido); -ino: princess; -ala, -atra: princely; -eso: (dignity, rank) princedom; -o lando, -io: (territory) principality; -o-spoz-ulo: prince consort; -o salika: Salic prince; -et-acho: a petty prince, princeling. ? DEFIRS
princip-o: principle; supozo di -o: (log.) petitio principii, begging the question. Ex.: Extablisar principo. La principo di movo. Homo sen-principa. ? DEFIRS
printempo: spring (-time); (fig.) prime, bloom of youth; -ala: spring, vernal. ? eF
prior-a: prior, before (cf. antea); (jur.) priority. Def.: Qua pasas avan irgu pri ula kozo; VI-382. Ex.: La parento havas la yuro di prioreso (pro anteeso) dum un yaro. ? DEFIS
prior-(ul)o: prior (in a convent); -ino: prioress; -eyo: priory, religious house. ? DEFIRS
prismat-o: prism; -a, -atra: prismatic; triangula -o: triangular prism. ? DEFIRS
pritane-o: (Gr. antiq.) prytaneum. ? DEFIRS
privac-ar: (tr.) to deprive, take from, strip off; to bereave; -ar su: to deprive, stint, deny oneself (de); -o: (act) privation; -eso: (state) deprivation, loss, want, bereavement; -ala, -anta, -iva: (gram.) privative; (jur.) in severalty. Ex.: Privacar ulu de lua havajo, lua libereso. Privaco de vidado. ? EFIS
privat-a: private; -eso: privacy. Ant.: publika. ? DEFIR
privilej-o: privilege: peculiar advantage or benefit; -izar: to grant a privilege to a (ulu); -iz-ita, -ito: privileged (person). ? DEFIRS
priz-ar: (tr.) to appreciate, like, prize, value. Ex.: Prizar la bona qualesi, la meriti, la servado, la judiko, la opiniono, du ulu. ? DEF
prizent-ar: (tr.) to present: set or place before; (milit.) to present (arms); to introduce; (cf. ofrar, montrar, expozar). Ex.: Prizentar buketo. Prizentar akredito-letro ad ulu. Ca afero prizentas granda avantaji. Prizentar ulu a la rejo. ? DEFIRS
pro: (prep.) because of, on account of, out of, owing to, in consequence of; pro ke: (conj.) because, since, on the ground that, (cf. nam); pro quo? why? pro to: that is why; pro quo ne? why not? trista pro la desfortuno: sad because of misfortune; pro jaluzeso: out of jealousy; malada pro diabeto: sick with diabetes; sufrar pro dursto: to suffer from thirst; dispensita de ulo pro infirmajo (od pro ke il esis infirma): exempt from something on account of infirmity (or because he was too infirm). Ex.: El ne povis venar, pro ke el esis malada. Pro quo vu amas il? Pro ke il esas mea amiko. Pro quo vu ne volas venar kun me? Pro ke me ne havas sata tempo. Pro quo vu ne prestas la pekunio ad il? Me ne konocas il; pro to me ne prestos la pekunio. ? L
prob-ar: (tr.) to test, make trial of, put to test, prove by experiment; (cf. esforcar); (of ore metals) to assay; -e-metar: to try on (clothing); -o-temp-iero: probationer; -ero, -isto: tester, assayer; -o-stono: touchstone; -ar chanco, risko: to run a chance, to take a risk. Ex.: Probar paf-armo. Probar sua forteso. La febla ucelo probas sua ali. Probo di la oro. ? DFIS
probabl-a: probable, likely, having more evidence than the contrary; which is likely to happen; -e: probably; -ajo: probability: thing probable; -eso: (quality) likelihood, probability; -ismo: (theol.) probabilism; kalkulo (od teorio) di la probabl-esi: (math.) theory of probabilities, doctrine of chances. Ex.: La aventajo semblas apene probabla (od, semblas neprobabla). Existas nula probableso ke il venos. ? EFIS
problem-o: problem; -atra: problematical, doubtful. Ex.: Geometriala problemo. Ol esas problem solvenda. Pozar ulo kom problemo. ? DEFIRS
proced-ar: (intr.) to proceed, go on (ad ulo); to act, behave in a certain way; -o: proceeding, way of acting, behaviour, process. Ex.: Procedar a la exameno di kandidato. Procedar lente, cirkonspekte. Simpligar la procedo. Procedo kemiala. ? EFIS
procedur-o: (jur.) procedure, manner of proceeding; practice; proceedings: measures taken in the prosecution of an action; -ema: litigious. Ex.: Kodexo di civila proceduro. Spenso di proceduro. ? DeFIR
procent-o: percentage (N.B. does not refer to interest or rent of capital; cf. po and Talmey’s Text Book, p. 82). Def.: Raporto di la du nombri; V-681. Ex.: Il postulas kin po cento kom procento. Me kolokis 1000 fr. ye la procento di quar po cento. La procento di la naski, di la morti, di la mariaji en ula populo o habitantaro. ? DEFIRS
proces-ar: (intr., jur.) to bring action, go to law, institute proceedings, prosecute, proceed (kontre ulu); (law-) suit, action; trial; -ema: litigious; -anto: litigant. ? DeFIRS
procesion-ar: (intr.) to walk in procession, to make a procession (in the streets, in the church, etc.); -e, -atre: in procession. ? DEFIRS
procid-o: (theol.) spiration.
prod-a, -(ul)o: valiant, gallant, doughty (person); -eso: prowess, valo(u)r; -ajo: a feat of valor, exploit. ? FIS
prodig-ar: (tr.) to lavish, be prodigal of, be unsparing of; -achar: to squander waste; -ado, -em-eso: prodigality, lavishness, extravagance; -ema filiulo: prodigal son. Def.: Spensar abundante ed ecese (en un sama okaziono); IV-102. V. exp.: Prodigar povas havar laudanta senco. On prodigas sua havajo, sua sorgi, sua bonfaci a un o poka personi. «Deo prodigas sua graco a la pekanto»; kp. disipar.
prodom-o: (med.) prodrome, premonitory symptom of disease. ? DeFIS
produkt-ar: (tr.) to produce, engender, bring forth, bear, yield; (cf. genitar); -uro, -ajo: product; -anto, -ero: producer; -anta, -iva, -ema: producing, productive. Ex.: Ca lando produktas multa oro. La arbori produktas frukti. La autoro produktas verki. La milito produktas granda malaji. La produktaji di naturo. Sulo produktiva. ? DEFIRS
profan-a: profane, not sacred; related to secular affairs; proceeding from contempt of sacred things; -(ul)o: person uninitiated into any mystery or rite; person not conversant with any art or science; an outsider; -ajo: a profane thing or act (cf. profanacar); Ex.: Profana parolado, historio, konduto, ago, naturo. Mixar la profanaji kun la sakraji. ? DEFIS
profanac-ar: (tr.) to profane: treat sacred things with abuse, irreverence, contempt; to desecrate; (tr.) to degrade, debase; -(ad)o: profanation. Ex.: Profanacar templo. Profanado di sua talenti. ? DEFIRS
profes-ar: (tr.) to profess, make a profession of; -o: profession. Def.: Deklarar publike. Ex.: On profesas religio, kredo, doktrino, fido pri ulu od ulo. ? EFIS
profesion-o: (occupation) profession; -ala: professional; -ano: member of a profession; -e: professionally, by profession. Ant.: amatoro. ? DEFIRS
profesor-o: professor (in a university, college, seminary); -ala: professorial; -eso: professorship. ? DEFIRS
profet-o: prophet, seer; -ala: prophetic, relating to a prophet. (cf. pre-dic-anta). ? DEFIS
profil-o: profile, side-face, -view; -izar: to draw or show (ulu, ulo); in profile; -igar su: to appear, stand out in profile; -e posturar: (intr.) to pose in profile; mi- -e: (photog.) a pose between back and profile. ? DEFIRS
profilaxi-o: (med.) prophylaxis. ? DEFIRS
profit-ar: (tr., intr.) to profit (pecuniarily or otherwise); (cf. ganar); -igar: to cause profit to (ulu). Def.: Avantajizar per ulo; ganar per ulo. Ex.: Profitar (ulo) per komercaji vendita, konsilo donita. ? DEFIR
profund-a: deep, profound: extending far below the surface; (fig.) abstruse, sagacious; -eso: (quality) depth, profundity; -ajo: depth (a place); -igar: to deepen; lago -a de kin metri: a lake five meters (metres) deep; des-, ne- -a: shallow; min-, ne- -ajo: shoal; min-, plu- -eskar: to shelve. Def.: Qua relatas la triesma dimensiono (generale vertikala) ed aplikesas a l’interna dimensiono di objekto kava. (Vazo esas alta, regardata de extere; ol esas profunda, se on konsideras lua kavajo.) IV-596-7. Ex.: Profunda puteo, vunduro. Profunda dormo, doloro, nul-savo. Cienco, pensero, raskalo profunda. Studiar profunda. ? EFIS
prognoz-ar: (tr., med.) to prognosticate: foretell (ulo) from present symptoms; to make a prognosis. ? DEFIRS
program-o: program, written outline of entertainment or ceremony; (of a theater) playbill; (of a political party) platform; (in a university) syllabus; (fig.) plan, project. ? DEFIRS
progres-ar: (intr.) to progress, make progress; -(ad)o: progressing, advancement; -anta, -iva, -ema: progressive; -emo: a progressive person; (fig.) a liberal, radical. Ex.: La atako kontre l’enemiko progresas. La progreso di incendio, di inundado, di studiado, di morbo. Ant.: retro-irar, regresar. ? DEFIRS
progresion-o: (math., biol.) progression. ? DEFIRS
projekt-ar: (tr., geom. opt.) to project; -o, -uro: projection; -ajo: that which is projected; -aparato: a projector. Ex.: Korpo qua projektas sua ombro sur altra. Projekto di Mercator. ? DEFIRS
projektil-o: (mechan., artil.) projectile. ? DEFIS
projektor-o: beam-thrower, projector (as of a searchlight).
projet-ar: (tr.) to plan, scheme, purpose, to form a project; -o: project; -ata, -ita: projected, contemplated. Ex.: Projetar longa voyajo. Projetar facar ulo. Ca homo sen-cese projetas, ma ultempe parfinas ulo.? DEFIRS
proklam-ar: (tr.) to proclaim, cry out, give out; -o, -ajo, -uro: proclamation. Ex.: Proklamar ulu kom rejo. Proklamar la bona agi di uli. Publikigar proklamajo. ? DEFIRS
proklitik-o: (gram.) proclitic. ? DEFIS
prokonsul-o: (Roman. antiq.) proconsul. ? DEFIRS
prokur-ar: (tr.) to procure, get, obtain; -isto di employi: keeper of an employment office. Ex.: Prokurar employeso por ulu. Prokurar manjajo por ulu. ? EFIS
prokurac-o: procuration: power to act for another, proxy; the instrument which empowers, warrant, letter of attorney; -iero: one who holds proxy, proxy-holder; -izar: to empower (ulu); agar per -iero: to act by proxy. ? DEFIRS
prokurator-o: (Rom. antiq.) procurator. ? DEFIRS
prolegomen-o: prolegomenon. ? DEFIS
proleps-o: (rhet., biol., medic.) prolepsis. ? DEFIS
proletari-o: proletarian, labo(u)rer, worker; -a, -ala: proletarian; -eso: (state, condition) proletariat; -aro: (collect.) proletariat, laboring class, non-possessing class. ? DEFIRS
prolifer-ar*: (tr.) to proliferate.
prolix-a: prolix, verbose, diffuse (style, discourse, narrative, etc.); -eso: prolixity. Ant.: lakonika, kurta. ? DEFIS
prolog-o: prologue. Ant.: epilogo. ? DEFIRS
prolong-ar: (tr.) to lengthen, extend (by addition, in space); -o, -uro: prolongation. Def.: Adjuntar ad ula kozo ulo suplementala, qua konstitucas integrajo kun ol, e qua nomesas prolonguro; IV-138. V. exp.: Plu-long-igar relatas tempo, durado. On prolongas kayo, muro; ma on plulongigas vivo, voyajo, milito. ? DEFIS
promen-ar: (intr.) to go for a walk, promenade, walk, stroll (for pleasure); -igar: to take (ulu) out walking; -(ad)o: (act) walk(ing); -eyo: place for walking, promenade. ? DEFR
promis-ar: (tr.) to promise (ulu, ad ulu; facar ulo); (fig., of weather, etc.) to forebode; -o-lando: land of promise; -ar per sua honoro: to give his word (cf. honor-promiso); exekutar (od satisfacar) sua -o: to keep one’s promise; be as good as one’s word; violacar (od faliar) sua promiso: violate one’s promise, break his word. ? DEFIS
promoc-ar: (tr.) to promote: raise, advance (someone to a higher rank, grade); -o: promotion, preferment (of officers, learners, etc.). ? DEFIS
promontori-o: (geog.) promontory, headland. ? DEFIS
promulg-ar: (tr.) to promulgate (laws, etc.) ? DEFIS
pron-ar: (intr., R.C. ch.) «to pronate». V. exp.: Prono esas nek prediko nek solena diskurso. Ol kontenas diversa prego-formuli, rekomendi, konsili, avizi e fine instrukto-diskurso familiara facata por la parokiani dum la meso. Dec. 1538, M.XI 67. ? F
pronac-ar: (tr.) to pronate: turn the palm of the hand downward or backward; -anto, -anta muskulo: pronator muscle.
pronom-o: pronoun; -ala: pronominal. ?DEFIS
pront-a: ready: prepared, in readiness; willing, disposed; -igar: to make (ulu, ulo) ready; -a ad departar: ready to go; -a por omno: ready for anything; la dineo esas -a: dinner is ready. ? IS
pronukle-o: (biol.) pronucleus.
pronuncar: (tr.) to pronounce (words; cf. artikular); -o-defekto: impediment of speech. ? EFIS
propag-ar: to propagate: multiply or continue by generation; (fig.) to spread abroad, diffuse; to make propaganda; -esar: to be propagated; -anto, -ero, -emo: propagator; propagandist; -em-eso: proslelytism. Ex.: Esas necesa propagar la animali e la vejetantaro utila. Propagar lumo, la evangeligo, lo vera. ? DEFIRS
proporcion-o: (also arith.) proportion: relation, ratio; -igar, -izar: (tr.) to proportion: adjust relatively; -ala: proportional; -alo meza: mean proportional; -al-eso: proportionality; -e, -ale: in proportion (ad), pro rata, proportionately; -igita bone: well proportioned; sen- -a: disproportionate. Ex.: Proporcionigar la spensi a la recevaji. Proporcionigar la puniso a la kulpo. ? DEFIRS
propoz-ar: (tr.) to propose: to offer (ulo) for consideration; to propound; to move (a resolution or amendment); -o: (act) proposal, offer; (parl.) motion; -ajo: what is proposed, proposition; V. exp.: vid. ofrar. ? DEFIRS
propozicion-o: (log., gram., geom., theol.) proposition. ? DEFIRS
propr-a: own, belonging to, proper, peculiar to; -ajo: something which belongs to someone or something, peculiarity, characteristic, attribute, property, one’s own; (cf. singular-ajo, partikular-ajo); -eso: quality of being somebody’s own; -e: properly, strictly; -a dic-ita: properly so-called; -e parol-ante: strictly speaking; -igar: to appropriate: consign to a particular person; -igar a su: to appropriate: to one’s own use, make (ulo) one’s own; -amo: self-love, -esteem, -respect, conceit; «amour-propre»; raciono esas propra (od esas proprajo) di la homo: reason is peculiar to man; -a nomo: proper name or noun; la propra signifiko di vorto: the proper meaning of a word; me facis omno per mea propra manui: I did it all with my own hands; persono havas karakterizivi propra: a person has his own (or peculiar) characterisics; la proprajo di magneto: the property of a magnet; lua propra filiulo: his own son.? EFIS
propretor-o: (Rom. hist.) propretor. ? DEFIRS
propriet-ar: (tr.) to own: have legitimate possesion of (cf. posedar); -o: ownership; -ajo: that which is owned, property; -anto, -ero: owner, proprietor; -o literatur-ala: copyright; -o nuda: bare ownership; (jur.) property without usufruct of it, revisionary interest. ? EFIS
propuls-ar: (tr.) to propel, drive forward; -ilo: propeller (cf. helico). ? DEFIS
prorog-ar: (tr.) to prorogue (parliament). ? DEFIS
prosektor-o: prosector: assistant disector or professor of anatomy.
prosenkim-o: (bot.) prosenchyma.
prosilogism-o: (log.) prosyllogism.
proskrib-ar: (tr.) to proscribe, outlaw. V.exp.: vid. exilar. ? DEFIRS
prospekt-o: prospectus: preliminary statement of a plan, scheme, or literary work. ? DEFIRS
prosper-ar: (intr.) to prosper, be successful, thrive; -ema: propitious; havar prosperala mieno: have an air of prosperity, look successful. ? DEFIS
prostat-o: (anat.) prostate gland. ? DEFIS
prostatit-o: (med.) prostatis. ? DEFIS
prostern-ar: (intr.) to prostrate oneself (cf. prostracar); -igar: to cause someone to prostrate himself. Def.: Jetar su avan ulu, ulo, kom signo di adoro o humila respekto (ago o gesto ceremoniala). ? eFIS
prostez-o: (gram.) prosthesis. ? DEFIS
prostituc-ar: (tr.) to prostitute, make a prostitute of (ulu); (fig.) to degrade (su); put (ulu, ulo) to a base use; -eyo: house of prostitution; -at-ino: a prostitute. ? DEFIRS
prostrac-ar: (intr.) to be in a stare of prostration (extreme physical weakness) be prostrated; -o: (med. and gen.) prostration (cf. prosterno). Def.: Esar en stando di extrema depreso, mentala o korpala. ? EFIS
protagonist-o: protagonist: (theater) chief actor; (fig.) one who takes the lead in any great matter. ? DEFS
protal-o: (bot.) prothallium.
protandr-a: (zool.) protandric.
prote-o: (myth.) Proteus; (fig.) a man who frequently changes his opinions; (zool.) proteida; -ala: protean. ? DEFIRS
protecion-ismo: (polit. econ.) protectionism; -isto: protectionist. ? DEFIRS
protein-o: protein. ? DEFIS
protekt-ar: (tr.) to protect, defend; -anta, -iva, -ema: protecting, protective, fostering; -ato: person protected; (fig.) protégé. Ex.: Protektar lo febla, la inocenti, la urbo. Protektata kontre la koldeso.? DEFIRS
protektorat-o: protectorate. Def.: Autoritato asumita da plu-forta stato super inferiora o dependata stato, partikulare pri la relati exterlanda. ? DEFIRS
protest-ar: (intr.) to protest (publicly); (tr., com.) to protest (payment on a bill). Def.: Asertar forte, solene, publike. Ex.: Protestar kontre abrogo. Il protestas ke omno esis facata kontre lua volo. Protestar pago. ? DEFIRS
protestant-a, -(ul)o: protestant; -eso, -ismo: protestantism. ? DEFIRS
protez-o: (surg.) prosthesis. Def.: Adjunto di artificala parto por remplas-igar parte o tote korpala defekto (ex.: artificala gambo). ? DEFI
protist-o: (biol.) protist. ? DEFIS
protogin-a: (bot.) protogynous; -eso: protogyny. ? DEFIS
protokol-o: (parl.) written minutes (of proceedings); (diplom.) protocol; «proces verbal», official report (by functionary, as of a crime). ? DeFIRS
protoplasm-o: protoplasm. ? DEFIRS
protoplast-o: (biol.) ? DEFIS
prototip-o: prototype. ? DEFIS
protozo-o: (zool.) protozoan. ? DEFIS
protuberanc-a: protuberant, prominent (cf. sali-anta); -o: (anat., astron. and gen.) protuberance, prominence: projecting part. ? DEFIRS
proverb-o: proverb, adage (cf. sentenco); -a, -atra: proverbial; -eskar: to become a proverb; become proverbial; -o-komedio: short dramatic composition. Def.: Kurta, populara precepto o dicajo. ? DEFIS
providenc-o: providence (of God); -ala: providential. ? EFIRS
provinc-o: province; (fig.) shire, country district or region outside of a capital city; -ala: provincial; -atra: countrylike; -ano: a provincial, a country person; -estro: (rel.) a monastic superior; -al-ajo: a provincialism; a provincial idiom; -al-ismo: provincialism (system). ? DEFIRS
proviz-ar: (tr.) to provide, supply, furnish (ulu, per ulo); to victual; -o, -uro: providing, supply, stock, store; -anto, -ero, -isto: provider, supplier, caterer, purveyor; (milit.) sutler, canteen-worker. Ex.: Provizar armeo per municioni. Provizar ulu per omna necesaji. V exp.: vid. furnisar. ? DEFIRS
provizor-a: provisional, temporary, transitory; -e: provisionally, temporarily; -ajo: provisional measure, arangement. ? DEFIRS
provok-ar: (tr.) to provoke: call forth; incite, incense; -anta, -iva, -ema: provoking, provocative; -ar a kombato: to call forth to combat. Def.: Agar segun maniero por produktar reprezalo. ? DEFIRS
proxenet-o: panderer, pimp, go-between; -ino: procuress; -eso: business, position of being a pimp. Def.: Persono qua agas kom mediacero en shaminda afero. ? FIS
proxim: (prep.) near, by, close to, nigh to; (of time and space; for quantities cf. cirkum; cf. apud); li esis proxim la urbo: they were near the city; proxim la instanto decidiganta: near the decisive moment; -e: (adv.) near, nigh, close; il lojas proxime: he lives close by; -a: near, next, bordering upon; ka vu akompanos me a la proxima strado? will you accompany me to the next street? printempo esas proxima: spring is near; la maxim proxima urbo: the nearest city; ta urbo esas plu proxima: that city is nearer; -eso: proximity, nearness; -igar: to bring, draw (ulo, ulu) near; il proxim-igas la hundo: he made the dog come near him; -eskar: to draw nigh, approach, to approximate; la hundo proximeskas: the dog came near; la tempo proximeskas; the time draws nigh; to esas nur proxime justa: that is only approximately right; proxim-igo ad la vereso: approximation to the truth. ? EFIRS
proz-o: prose; -altra: prosaic, dull, matter of fact; -atr-eso: prosiness; -ajo: piece of prose. ? DEFIRS
prozelit-o: proselyte. ? DEFIRS
prozodi-o: (gram.) prosody. ? DEFIRS
prozopope-o: (rhet.) prosopopœia, personification. ? DEFIS
pru-o: (nav.) bow, prow. Def.: L’avana parto di navo o batelo. ? eFIS
prud-a: prudish; -ino: a prude; -eso: (quality, characteristic prudishness); -ajo: a prudish act. Def.: Afektacante pudoroza. ? DEF
prudent-a: prudent, cautious, politic, discreet, wary; -(ul)o: a prudent person; -eso: prudence; -e: with prudence, discreetly; ne- -a: imprudent, rash. Def.: Saja e cirkonspekta en agado e konduto. V. exp.: vid. cirkonspekta. ? EFIS
pruin-ar, -as: (impers.) there is (or, we are having) a hoar frost (or, white frost); -o: hoar-frost, rime; -oza, -iz-ita: white with frost, rimy, frost-covered. ? L
prun-o: plum: prune; -iero: plum-, prune-tree (genus: Prunus); -ier-eyo: plum-orchard; sika -o: (dried) prune. ? eFI
prunel-o: (bot.) sloe: fruit of the blackthorn; -iero: sloe-tree, blackthorn-tree (Prunus spinosa). ? FI
prunt-ar: (tr.) to borrow (ulo, de ulu); (cf. prestar); -ajo: that which is borrowed, a loan. ? F
prurit-ar: (intr.) to itch; -(ad)o: itching; (med.) pruritis. Ex.: La skalpajo pruritas. ? eFIS
pruv-ar: (tr.) to prove, demonstrate by experiment or argument (ulo, per ulu); -o: proving, proof, evidence; -anta, -iva: convincing, decisive, conclusive (arguments); (cf. konkluziva). ? DEFIS
psalm-o: psalm; -isto: psalmist; -libro, -aro: book of psalms; psalter; psalms (collect.); -o penitenc-ala: penitential psalm. ? DEFIRS
psalmodi-ar: (intr.) to psalmodize, to sing psalms; (tr.) to drone out, recite (ulo) in a sing-song manner; -o: psalmody, psalm-singing. (fig.) sing-song. Def.: Psalmodio: maniero kantar la psalmi (aplikebla ad altro kam psalmi); IV-515. ? DEFIS
psalteri-o: psaltery, a stringed musical instrument. ? DEFIRS
pseudo-*: a prefix signifying false, counterfeit.
pseudonim-a: pseudonymous; -o: pseudonym, nom de plume, alias. Def.: Aganta o skribanta kun falsa nomo. ? DEFIRS
pseudo-sfer-o: (geom.) pseudosphere.
psik-o: the conscious, knowing mind; -ala: psychical. Def.: La koncio fenomenala, la objekto di la «psikologio» (tale psiko esas plu generala kam anmo); V-32. Ex.: Psikala kauzi, qualesi, dolori.
psikiatri-o: psyschiatry. Def.: Kuracado di mentala morbi. ? DEFIR
psikolog-o: psychologist. ? DEFIRS
psikologi-o: psychology. Def.: Ta parto di filozofio qua traktas la mentala fakultati ed agado di la psiko. ? DEFIRS
psikometr-o: psychrometer, hygrometer. ? DEFIRS
psoas-o*: (anat.) psoas, lumbar muscle. ? DEFI
pterigoid-a*: (anat.) pterigoid, wing-shaped.
pteropod-o: pteropod. ? EFIS
ptomain-o*: (chem.) ptomaine. ? DEFIS
puber-a: pubescent, arrived at puberty; -eso: puberty. ? EFIS
pubi-o*: (anat.) pubic bone; -ala: pubic. ? EFIS
publican-o: (Rom. hist.) publican. Def.: Recevisto dil imposto o censo por la Romani (e pro to odiata e desestimata da la Judi); VII-281. ? EFIS
publicist-o: publicist. Def.: Persono qua skribis od esas erudita pri la yuri di nacioni, nacional ekonomiko, e.c. ? DEFIRS
publik-a: public (opp. to private); -o: (fig.) the public, the people (indefinately); -e: publicly, in public; -eso: (quality) publicity, notoriety; -igar: to make (ulo) public (cf. editar); -ig(ad)o: (act) publication: -ig-ajo: publication: that which is published; -a deklaro: manifesto; -a saneso: public health; la -a prospero: the public welfare. Ant.: privata. ? DEFIRS
pudel-o: poodle (-dog). ? DER
«puding»: (cook.) pudding.
puding-o: (geol.) pudding-stone, conglomerate. ? DEFIRS
pudl-ar: (tr. metal.) to puddle; -isto: puddler; -o-forno: puddling-furnace. Def. : Konvertar feraji a forjita fero per fuzado. ? DEFR
pudor-ar: (intr., esp. of women) to feel a natural shame, modesty; be modest; -o: native bashfulness, modesty, pudency, pudicity; -oza, -ema: ashamed, bashful, chaste, modest, coy; -acho: pretended modesty; sen- -a: without shame, immodest. Def.: Pudoro: la sexuala modesteso quan la muliero specale sentas. ? eFIS
powder (for the toilet; cf. pulvero); -izar: to powder (the face, etc.); riz- -o: rice powder. ? DEFR
puer-o: child (of over seven years); -ino: girl; -ulo: boy; -ala, -atra: juvenile, childish, puerile; -al-eso, -atreso: (quality) childishness; -al-ajo: childish act or object. ? eFL
puf-o: large stuffed footstool; round ottoman seat. Def.: Sidilo (ped-apog-ilo) polsterizita (sen ula dors-apogilo): II-647. ? DFR
pugn-o: fist, -o-frap-ar: (tr.) to strike with the fist; -o-frapo: a punch; -o-frapeto: a cuff; -o-frapilo: (brass-) knuckle; -o-kombato: fistfight; -o-fort-eso: gripping power. ? FIS
pul-o*: (billiard game) pool.
pulc-o: (ent.) flea; -o-kolora: puce-colo(u)red. ? FIS
pulchinel-o: punchinello, Punch, buffoon; (fig.) puppet. ? DeFIRS
puli-o: pulley; (nav.) block; (tech.) sheave; -aro: bock and tackle, hoisting gear, compound pulley. ? EFIS
pulikari-o: (bot.) fleabane (genus:Pulicaria). ? L
pulmon-o: (anat.) lung; -ala: pulmonary. ?EFIS
pulmonari-o*: (bot.) lungwort, pulmonary (genus: Pulmonaria).
pulmonit-o: (med.) pneumonia, inflammation of the lungs. ? FIS
pulp-o: (of fruits, bot., pharm.) pulp; (cf. paplo); -oza, -atra: pulp-y, -ous; -igar: to reduce (ulo) to pulp. ? DEFIS
puls-ar: (tr., intr.) to push, thrust, drive (by force or violence); to impel (by pressure); to displace (by effort); to throb, pulsate, beat (as heart); (cf. shovar); -(ad)o: pushing, thrusting; pulse, pulsation, throbbing. Ex.: Pulsar veturo. Pulsar ulu ek chambro. Pulsar per la manuo. Pulsado di l’arterii. Palpar la pulsado di ulo. La vento pulsas la navo. ? DeFIRS
pultr-o: poultry, collective name for all domestic fowls; (cf. hano); -uno: one fowl; -eyo: poultry-house, place. ? E
pulul-ar: (intr.) to pullulate: gow or germinate abundantly (cf. mult-eskar; formik-umar); -(ad)o: pullulation: rapid increase, swarm. Def.: Multeskar abundege e rapide. Ex.: La pululado di mikrobi esas tre rapida. ? EFIS
pulver-o: powder, any dry stuff composed of small particles, as used in guns, pharmacy (cf. polvo, pudro); -a: of powder; -oza, -atra: powdery; -igar: to reduce (ulo) to powder, to pulverize; -ig-ita: pulverized; -iz-ar: to cover with p.; -ifar: to make, produce p.; -if-erio: p.-making establishment; -magazino: p.-magazine; -uyo: p.-holder, -horn; chas- -o: p. for hunting purposes; min- -o: p. for mining, blasting; karbon- -o: coal-dust; fek- -o: dried night-soil. ? DeFIS
puma-o: (zool.) puma, cougar (Felis concolor). ? DEFIRS
pumic-o: pumice (-stone); -agar: (tr.) to rub (ulo) with pumice. ? EIS
pump-ar: (tr.) to pump; -ilo: a pump; -isto: pumper; (fig.) fireman; aer- -ilo: air pump; incendio- -ilo: fire-engine. ? DEFIS
punc-ar: (tr.) to punch: indent with pump or die; -uro: (result) stamp (as of coins, medals, etc.); -ilo: punch. V. exp.: Puncar diferas de la stampo per ke stampar esas nur imprimar sur surfaco, kontre ke puncar esas penetrar o mem borar ula korpo; II-357. ? DeFIS
punch-o: (beverage) punch. ? DEFIRS
puncion-ar: (tr. surg.) to puncture, tap (a tumor, etc.). ? DEFIS
punis-ar: (tr.) to punish, chastise (ulu, por, per); -o: (act) punishment; -uro: penalty; -eso: punishment: state of being punished; -ala: penal; -anto, -ero: punisher, chastiser; -inda: punishable; -esar: to be punished (da, pro); -o per amendo: punishment by fine; -tasko: extra task (as at school); -laboro: hard labo(u)r; -domo: house of correction. ? EFIS
puns-ar: (tr.) to pounce (a design). Def.: Kopiar desegno per pulvero, quan on pasigas tra la trui di papero perforita segun la linei di la desegno; VI-116. ? EF
punt-o: (geom., astron., typo., play) point; dot; position; period; small hole (as made by a needle or awl); -izar: to dot, prick, mark (ulo) with a point; to punctuate; -iz-ado, -uro: punctuation; dotting; -izo-signo: stop; -izar le «i»: to dot the i’s; -o-komo: semi-colon (;); klamo- -o: exclamation mark (!); bi-punto: colon (:); question- -o: question mark (?); suto- -o: stitch; kontakto- -o: p. of contact; depart- -o: p. of departure; seko- -o: p. of intersection; incido- -o: p. of incidence; halto- -o: stop; vid- -o: viewpoint; morto- -o: p. of death; kardinala -o: (geog.) cardinal p.; kriz-ala -o: critical p.; repoz- -o: (mus.) pause. ? DEFIRS
pup-o: poop, stern (of a ship, boat). Def.: Dopa parto di navo, di batelo; III-594. ? EFIS
pupe-o: doll, puppet; ludar per -o: to play with a doll; -atra: doll-like. ? DeF
pupil-o: (anat.) pupil (of eye). ? DEFIRS
pupitr-o: desk for reading, writing, drawing, etc. (N.B. not pulpit; cf. katedro); muzik- -o: music-stand. ? FIS
pur-a: pure (air, water, blood, wine, race, life, style, intentions, mathematics, etc.); genuine, unmingled, unalloyed; plain, mere, sheer; downright; -eso: purity, pureness; -e: purely, genuinely, merely; -igar: to make (ulo) pure, purify; -ig-anta, -ema: purifying; -ismo: (rhet.) excessive nicety, esp. in choice of words; -ista, -isto: purist(ic) (in choice of words); -sang-a: pure-blooded; -sang-ulo, -ino: thoroughbred. Def.: sen intermixuro; ne alterita, ne-viciizita, ne-koruptita. ? DEFIS
pure-o: purée, a thick soup, as of vegetables, boiled and strained. ? DeFIS
purg-ar: (tr. lit. and fig.) to purge (the body, soul, mind, etc.); -iva, -ivo: purgative; -ilo: a purging instrument. V. exp.: Purgar: kuracar per purgivo (quale purgar intestini); liberigar de nepurajo e stranjeraji (quale purgar metalo); liberigar de kulpi etikal, intelektala (quale purgar de prejudiko, misopiniono). ? DEFIS
purgatori-o: purgatory. ? DEFIS
puritan-(ul)o: a puritan; -ismo: Puritanism. ? DEFIRS
purpur-o: purple (colored); -o: purple, (the colo(u)r, dye); -atra: purplish; -izar: to empurple (ulo). ? DeFIRS
pus-o: (med.) pus, purulent matter; -ifar: to produce pus; suppurate; -oza, -if-anta: purulent, suppurative; -oz-eso: purulence. ? DEFIRS
pustul-o: pustule; (bot.) blister; -eto: small pustule; pimple (filled with matter). V. exp.: vid. papulo. ? DEFIRS
putativ-a*: putatative, reputed, supposed. Def.: Quan on supozas havar legal existo. Ex.: Putativa mariajo. ? EFIS
pute-o: well: shaft sunk in the ground for water, oil; -o-kordo: well-rope; -o-arteza: Artesian well. ? FIS
putor-o: (zool.) polecat (Putorius). ? F
putr-ar: (intr.) to putrify, rot; -eskar: to begin to putrify; -igar: to cause (ulo) to rot; -anta: rotting, putrifying; -inta: rotten, putrid; -ajo: rot, something rotten; -int-eso: putridity; -eyo: (tech.) rotting vat. ? EFIS