Ido-English Dictionary : V

vab-o: honey-comb. Def.: Konstrukturo ek vaxo, quan la abeli facas en la abeluyo IV-398. — D
vacil-ar: (intr.) to vacillate: be unsteady, waver, reel, stagger; to fluctuate, waver in mind or opinion; (of light) to flicker; (in speaking) to falter; -(ad)o: vacillation; -ar sur la gambi: to shake in or be unsteady on the legs. Ex.: La tablo vacilas. Ta homo havis vacilanta marcho (-maniero). Lumo qua vacilas. — EFIS
vacin-o: (disease) cow-pox; -serumo: vaccine (matter); -izar: to vaccinate (ulu); -iz(ad)o: vaccination; -ifar: to produce cow-pox. — EFIR
vacini-o: (bot.) red whortleberry (or billberry), cowberry (Vaccinium). — L
(tra-) vad-ar: (tr.) to ford, wade across (a river, etc.); -eyo: ford; -ebla: fordable. — eIS
«vade-mecum»: vade mecum.
vafl-o: waffle: thin cake; -muld-ilo: w. iron. — DeR
vag-ar: (intr.) to wander, rove about, stroll, stray, straggle; -ado: roaming, vagrancy; -ema; -em-acho: vagrant, vagabond; -anta mendikero: strolling beggar; -anta mento: (fig.) wandering mind. — DEFIS
vagin-o: (anat.) vagina. — DEFS
vagon-o: railway-carriage, car; -o un-esma-klasa: first class c.; lit-, dormo- -o: sleeper; restor- -o: dining-car. — DeFRS
vajis-ar: (intr., of infants) to wail, cry. V. exp.: La specala krio di nove naskinta o yuna infanto; IV-578. — FIS
vak-ar: (intr.) to be vacant; -o: vacancy; -anta: vacant. Ex.: La trono, la ofico vakas. Vakigar la trono, lo ofico. Vakanta aprtamento, episkopeso. — DEFIRS
vakanc-ar: (intr.) to have a (or, be on a) vacation, holiday; -dio: a day's holiday. Ex.: Pasar la vakanco en la ruro. Ni vakancas dufoye dum la yaro: la paskala e la somerala vakanco. — DeFIRS
vaku-a: empty, void, blank, vacuous (de); -o: vacuum, blank; -eso: vacuity, emptiness; -ajo: gap, chasm, hole; -igar: to empty, vacate; to draw (poultry), to gut (fish); to drain (a ditch, etc.); -eskar: to become empty; -ifar: to make a void, produce a vacuum (as by air-pump); -a chambro, stomako, spaco: empty room, stomach, space; -a muro: blank wall; -a tempo: unoccupied time; aer- -o: air-vacuum, -hole; latrin- -igo: emptying of cess-pools or water-closets; -igar botelo: to empty a bottle; la botelo vaku-eskas lente: the bottle becomes slowly empty. Ant.: plena. — DEFIS
vakuol-o*: (biol.) vacuole. — DEFIS
vakuometr-o: vacuum gauge. — DeFIRS
val-o: vale, valley, dale; (cf. ad-vale); -eto: small valley, dell; tra monti e vali: up hill and down dale; -o lakrim-oza: (fig.) vale of tears. — EFIS
valent-a*: (chem.) having valence; -eso: valence.
valerian-o: (bot.) valerian (genus: Valerians); -acido: valer(ian) acid. — EFIRS
valerianel-o: (bot.) valerianella, corn-salad, lamb's lettuce (Valerianella olitoria). — EFL
valid-a: (jur.) valid: having legal force, good; -eso: validity; healthfulness; -igar: to validate; -a mariajo: a legal marriage; ne- -igar: to invalidate. — DEFIS
valiz-o: valise, portmanteau. — EFIS
valor-ar: (intr.) to be worth, be equal to in value, be as good as; be fit, be useful or good (for something); (of laws) to be in force; -igar: to make (ulo) of worth, of value, make useful for; -o: value, worth; -anta: worth; -oza: valuable; -ajo: valuable object; -paperi: (com.) valuable papers: stocks, securities, etc.; -igar lego: to put a law in force; sen- -igar: to deprive (ulo) of value, to demonetize (money); sen- -a: valueless; min- -igar, -eskar: to depreciate; pen- -ar: to be worth the trouble, be worth while; plu- -o: superior, increased value; min- -o: less, inferior value; ica stofo valoras kin franki po metro: this fabric is worth five francs a meter; to valoras nulo: that is good for, worth nothing; -ar sua pezo de oro: to be worth its weight in gold; quante co valoras: how much is this worth; ica medikamento valoras kontre febro: this medicine is good for fever; ica plumo neplus valoras por skribar: this pen is no longer fit to write with; to valoras la peno (od, pen-valoras) askoltar: that worth listening to; -igar sua talento: to turn one's talent to account. — eFIS
vals-ar: (intr.), -igar: (tr.) to waltz. — DEFIRS
valv-o: (tech., zool., bot.) valve. — EFIS
vampir-o: (also fig.) vampire. — DEFIRS
vams-o: doublet, jerkin. — D
van-a: vain: fruitless, ieffectual; (cf. vanitat-oza, frivola); -e: in vain, to no purpose; no use! -eso: vanity (N.B. not of person), emptiness, vainness (of a project, etc.); -igar: to thwart, baffle, foil; -ajo: a v. act, wish. Def.: Sen-efikiva; sen-rezulta; sen reala fundmaneto. Ex.: Vana esforci, esperi. Vaneso di homala grandaji. Vaneso di la vanaji, omno esas vanajo. — EFIS
vanad-o*: (chem.) vanadium.
vandal-a, -(ul)o: vandal; -eso, -ajo: (spirit, act) vandalism. — DEFIRS
vanel-o: (orni.) lapwing, peewit, plover (genus: Vanellus). — FIL
vang-o: (anat. and fig.) cheek; -oza: chubby: full cheeked; -egi, -o-sako: jowls; cheek-pouch (of certain monkeys); -o-barbo: whisker(s); -o-frapar, -batar: to slap, cuff, strike (ulu) on the face. — D
vanil-o: vanilla; -iero: v. plant (genus: Vanilla). — DEFIRS
vanitat-o: vanity, self-conceit; -oza, -oz(ul)o: self-admiring, vain (person). Ex.: Lua vanitato esas netolerabla. V. exp.: vid. superba. Ant.: modest-eso. — EFIS
vant-o, -i: (nav.) shroud(s); -i granda: main s. — DR
vapor-o: steam (from boiling water); vapor (from liquids or fluid floating in the atmosphere); (of wine) fume (affecting the head); -oza, -atra: vapor-ous, ish; -igar: to vaporize, volatalize; -eskar: to evaporate; turn into vapor; -ig-ilo: evaporating machine; -agar: (tr.) to steam (ulo), give a steam bath to; -balno: vapor-, steam-bath; -mashino: steam engine; -navo: steam boat; incens- -o: cloud of incense; arseno- -i: fumes of arsenic. — EFIS
var-o, -i: ware(s), commodit-y, -ies; merchandize (cf. komerc-ajo). Def.: Kozo vendebla, granda o mikra; II-76. — DE
varang-o: (nav.) floor-timber (of a ship). — DFS
vari-(ad)ar: (tr., intr.) to vary, change; (cf. chanjar, divers-igar); -igar: to cause (ulo) to vary; -anta, -iva, -ebla, -ema: variable, versatile, unsteady, fickle, flighty; -anto: a variant (reading, interpretation, spelling. etc.); -ebl-eso; -em-eso: variableness; variability; versatility; -ar la frazo: to say the same things in other words. Ex.: Mori varias segun la nacioni. La vetero varias perpetue. V. exp.: Chanjar ne esas exakta sinonimo di variar: variar esas chanjar segun quanteso od inteseso; III-103. — DEFIS
varicel-o: (med.) varicella: chicken-pox. — DeFIS
varietat-o: (zool., bot.) variety. — DEFIS
varik-o: (med.) varix: varicose vein. — eFIS
variol-o: (med.) variola: smallpox; -ala: variolous: relating to v.; -iko, -ika: (person) suffering from v.; -mark-iz-ita: pock-marked. — eFIS
varm-a: (also fig.) warm; -ega: hot; -eta: tepid, lukewarm; -eskar: to get warm; -igar: to heat, warm; -ig-(ad)o: heating; -ig-ilo: heating apparatus; ped-, lit-, plad-varm-ig-ilo: foot-, bed-, plate-warmer. Ant.: kolda. — DE
vars-ar: (tr.) to pour (out) (as liquids); to spill (accidentally); shed (blood); to empty (solid things); -ero: (astron.) Aquarius. V. exp.: vid. rakar. — FI
vart-ar: (tr.) to await, wait for (ulu, ulo); -igar: to keep (ulu) waiting; -anta: waiting, expectant; -ante: while waiting, in the interim (cf. dume); -eyo: waiting-place, -room. Def.: Restar en la ula loko o stando, til ke ulo eventas; III-423. Ex.: Me vartas nepaciente la decido. V. exp.: vid. expektar. — DE
vasal-a, -(ul)o: vassal; -eso: vassalage. — DEFIRS
vask-o: basin (as of a fountain). — FI
vaskul-o: (anat., biol.) blood vessel, tube, canal; -ala, -oza: vascular; -aro: vascular system. — DeFIS
vast-a: vast, extensive (in all directions); -eso: vastness, vast extent, spaciousness; plu-vast-igar: to spread (ulo), to make more extensive. Def.: Granda segun omna sua dimensioni; III-42. Ex.: Vasta agro esas agro same longa e larja; vasta salono esas salono same proporcione longa, larja ed alta. Figurale, on pluvastigas ula ideo od opiniono (donar ad ol plu granda areo). Vasta eruditeso. — EFIS
vat-o: wadding, padding: soft stuff of loose texture; prepared sheets of carded cotton (as used to thicken dresses, quilts, etc.); -izar: to wad, pad, stuff (with wadding). — DFIR
vax-o: wax (of any kind, nat. or artific.); -izar: to (smear, rub with) wax; -o-telo: oil-cloth; siglo- -o: sealing w.; modlo- -o: modeling w.; parquet- -o: floor w. — DE
vaz-o: vessel (for holding liquids); vase (as for flowers, etc.); -aro arjenta: silver service; stana -o: tin-pot, -vessel. — DeFIRS
vazelin-o: vaseline. — DEFIRS
(ho) ve: alas! oh dear!
vech-o: (bot.) vetch (genus: Vicia). — EFI
vedet-o*: vedette: (mounted) sentinel; -batelo: scout-boat. — DeFI
vegr-o: (nav.) plank (for ceiling). — DFS
veh-ar: (intr.) to go about in any sort of vehicle: ride, drive, sail; -igar: to convey, carry, cart, transport (in a vehicle); -(ad)o: riding, driving, sailing; -ilo: vehicle: any means of transport by land, air or water; (fig.) any means of transmitting; (med.) excipient; menstruum; aero esas -ilo di sono: air is v. of sound; imprim-arto esas -ilo por instrukto: the art of printing is a v. of instruction. — eFL
vein-o: (anat., also of marble, wood) vein; (geol., min.) vein, seam; -ala: venous: relating to v.s; -iz-ita: marked with v.s; -aro: venous system; -izar: to v.: mark wit v.s; -o-seko: phlebotomy. — EFIRS
vejet-(ad)ar: (intr.) to vegetate: grow as or like a plant; (fig.) to lead a dull life; -(ad)o: vegetating; -ala: vegetable; -anta: (of persons) vegetating; -iva: vegetative; -ant-aro: vegetation; -anto, -ivo: vegetable, plant (cf. legumo). — DEFIRS
vejetar-ar: (intr.) to be a vegetarian; -o, -ismo: vegetarianism; -anto, -ano: vegetarian. — DEFIRS
vek-ar: (intr., also fig.) to awaken, wake up; -igar: to wake, rouse (ulu); -o, -igo: awakening; -ig-ilo: alarm. — DE
vekt-o: beam (of scales); tiro- -o: swingle-tree, -bar (of a carriage). — L
vektor-o*: (geom.) vector.
vel-o: veil; a piece of stuff used to conceal something; (fig.) cover, screen, shade; -eto: small v.; lady's v.; -ego: awning; -izar: to veil; cover, hide; -o gaza: gauze v.; nubo- -o: v. of clouds; palat- -o: (anat.) velum. Ex.: Eskartar, levar la vel(et)o de la vizajo. La velo di la templo. La veli (E. shades) di la nokto. La nubi velizas la suno. — EFIS
velin-o: vellum; -papero: v. paper. — DeFIR
velit-o: (Rom. antiq.) velite: a light-armed soldier.
velk-ar: (intr.) to fade away, wither, lose freshness; (of flowers) to droop; -igar: to cause (ulo) to wither. Ex.: La suno velkigis la folii di la planti. — D
velociped-o: velociped. — DEFIS
velodrom-o*: velodrome.
velur-o: velvet; -a: made of v.; -atr-ajo: imitation v.; velous. — DeFIS
ven-ar: (intr.) to come (ad, de); par-ve-ar: to arrive; par-ven-into: an arrival. — FIS
vend-ar: (tr.) to sell; -o, -ado: sale, selling; -eyo, -erio: shop, store; -anto, -into, -isto: dealer, vendor; -ebla: vendible, salable, marketable; -o-table: shop counter; -kontrato: bargain (written). Ant.: komprar. — eFIS
«vendetta»: vendetta.
venen-o: (also fig.) venom, poison; -a, -oza: venomous, poisonous; (fig.) malignant; -agar: (tr.) to poison (ulu); -izar: to put poison on (ulo); rat- -o: rat poison. — EFIS
vener-ala: venereal (relating to the disease); -iko, -ika: (person) afflicted with v. disease; -ala monto: (anat.) pubes, mons veneris. — DEFIRS
venerac-ar: (tr.) to venerate, reverence; -inda: venerable; -ema: reverent. Def.: Veneraco: projunda respekto religioza o religiatra; III-328. — EFIS
venerdi-o: Friday. — FI
venial-a: venial: that may be forgiven; excusable; -a peko: v. sin. — EFIS
venj-ar: (tr.) to avenge, revenge; -ar su: to revenge oneself (su, ulu, kontre ulu, pri ulo); -o: revenge, vengeance; -ema: revengeful, vindicative; -em-eso: vindictiveness; -anto, -ero: avenger. V. exp.: Venjar ulu esas punisar, pro rankoro, altru qua facis domajo od ofenso ad «ulu». Venjar esas tranzitiva; on povaos venjar su od altru; on povas anke venjar ulo (ex. l’ocido di sua patro). Pluse la venjo aplikesas, ne nur al autoro di la domajo od ofeso, ma anke a lua familio o havajo. Exemple, en Korsika, la venjo (vendetta) praktikesas inter du familii: se A ocidis B, la filio di B ocidas A; pose la filo di A ocidas la filio di B, . . . e tale senfine, o ti la destrukto di la du familii; VI-143; kp. revanchar, reprezalar. — EFIS
vent-ar: (intr.) to blow, be windy; -as: (impers.) it is windy, the wind is blowing, there is a (high) wind; -o: wind; -ego: strong wind, gale; -stroko: squall, gust of wind; -oza: windy; -izar: to give wind to; -iz-ilo: fan or fan-like instrument; para- -o: w. screen; -o-muel-ilo: w. mill; -o-flecho, -flago: weathervane; -o-rozo: (nav.) compass card. — DeFIS
ventil-ar: (tr.) to ventilate, air. — DEFIRS
ventilator-o*: ventilator; kanvas- -o: (nav.) windsail.
ventr-o: belly, paunch, stomach; (of bottles, etc.) belly, body; (cf. abdomeno, stomako); -ala: ventral: relating to the b.; -oza: paunchy, big bellied; -edo: bellyful; -zono: b. band; girth (of a horse); -doloro: b. ache. — eFIS
ventrikul-o: (anat.) ventricle. — DEFIS
ventro-parol-ar: (intr.) to ventriloquize; -ado, -iv-eso: ventriloquism; -anto, -ero: ventriloquist.
ventuz-o: (surg.) cupping-glass; -agar: to cup (ulu). — FIRS
ver-a: true, veritable; (cf. reala, autentika); -eso: (quality) truth; -ajo: a truth; la -a: (abstract) the truth; -e: verily, truly (cf. ad-vere); ver-simil-a: likely, plausible, true seeming; versimil-ajo, -eso: likelihood, versimilitude (cf. probablajo); ver-sembl-anta: ostensible, apparent; ver-sembl-eso: speciousness; -igar: to make (ulo) true; (math.) to prove; ne-ver-ajo, -eso: falsehood, falseness. Ex.: Vera diamanto. Vu ne dicas la verajo. Esas nula vereso en to quon vu dicas. Matematikala verajo. Fato vere tragediala. Ulfoye la verso povas semblar tre neversimila. La deskovro di lo vera ofte dependas de la komparo di versimilaji. Lu esas verdicanta homo. La verdicemeso di historiisto. — EFIS
verand-o: veranda. — DEFIR
verb-o: (gram.) verb; -ala: verbal: relating to v.s. — DEFIS
verbask-o: (bot.) mullein (genus: Verbascum). — IL
verben-o: (bot.) verbena, vervain (genus: Verbena). — DEFIRS
verd-a: (color) green, verdant; -eso: green(ness); -ajo: a g. object; verdure; (pl., fig.) salad-herbs, pot-herbs; -igar, -izar: to make, cover with, g.; -eskar: to turn g. — eFIS
verdigris-o: verdigris. — EF
verdikt-o: (jur.) verdict; finding; facar -o: to render a v. — DEFIRS
verdron-o: (orni.) greenfinch, greenlinnet (Fringilla chloris). — F
verg-o: rod, wand; ferule or birch (used for punishment); -eto: small rod, switch; -agar: (tr.) to flog (with a birch), to cane; -o-marko: mark of a rod. Ex.: La vergo di Moses, di magiisto. Frapar ulu per vergeto. — FI
verifik-ar: (tr.) to verify (by examination), to confirm; to try, test (weights and measures); to audit; to prove (a will); -(ad)o: verification, examining, auditing; (of wills) probate; -isto, -ero: verifier, inspector, auditor. Def.: Kontrolar l’exakteso, justeso di kalkulo, di mezuro o mezurilo; III-203. Ex.: L’evento verifikas lua predico. Verifikar aserto, signaturo. — DEFIS
verjus-o: verjuice: the sour juice of unripe or green fruits; (fig.) acid liquor. V. exp.: Dicesas metafore pri vino tro yuna od acida; IV-646. — EF
verk-o: (lit., artist., moral, social) work; -eto: essay, pamphlet; small deed; -aro: literature (= books in general; cf. literaturo); -aro cienc-ala: scientific works (books). Ex.: Verki da Molière. La merito di bona verki. On opinionis ne vivar vane quankam lua verki apene lasas traci. — DE
verm-o: worm: any small creeping animal; maggot, grub Z(cf. larvo, lombriko, silko-raupo, tenio); -oza: wormy; -o-rod-ita: w. eaten; -o-forma: w. shaped; (anat.) vermiform; -et-oza: (arch.) vermicular. — DEFI
vermicel-o: vermicelli. — EFIR
vermut-o: (liqueur) verm(o)uth. — DEFIRS
vernier-o*: vernier: a sliding rule.
vernis-o: varnish; -izar: to v. — EFI
veronik-o: (bot.) veronica: speedwell (genus: Veronica). — DEFIS
vers: (prep., physical sense) toward(s): in the direction of (cf. ad); vers la nordo: t. the north; levar la manui vers la cielo: to hold up the hands to heaven; lu turnis sua kapo vers me: he turned hes head toward me. Def.: Directiono en la spaco; VI-144. — FI
vers-o: verse (in poetry; also of Bible); -ajo, -aro: a piece of poetry, verse(s), poem; -o sen-rima: blank v.; -ifar: to write v.; -igar: to versify (ulo). — DEFIS
version-o: version: manner of relating a fact (cf. tradukuro). Ex.: Existas plura versioni pri l’acidento. — DEFIS
versor-o*: (math.) versor.
vertebr-o: vertebra: joint or bone of spine; -ala kolono: vertebral column; -oza, -ozo: vertebrate animal; sen- -a, -o: invertebrate (animal). — DEFIS
vertic-o: vertex: top, crow (of head), sinciput. — EFIS
vertig-o*: (vet.) staggers.
vertij-ar, -eskar: (intr.) to be dizzy, have a swimming, whirling sensation; (cf. aturdar); -o: vertigo, dizziness, giddiness; -anta: dizzy (sensation, head); (med.) vertiginous; -ig-iva, -ig-anta: causing dizziness (heights, etc.). — EFIS
vertikal-a: vertical, perpendicular, plumb; -o: v. line; -eso: verticalness (cf. perpendikl-eso). — DEFIRS
vertu-o: vrtue; (cf. chast-eso); -oza: virtuous; esar -oza pro neceseso: to make a virtue of necessity. Def.: Etikala tendenco facar lo bona ed evitar lo mala. Ex.: Vertui kardinala. Vertuoza homo, ago. Ant.: vicio. — EFIS
veruk-o: (med.) wart. — FIS
verv-o: verve: animation, spirit, go; -oza: animated, spirited, racy; -oza stilo: animated style; -o poeziala: poetic spirit. Def.: Ardoro di imaginado, di la spirito, qua anmizas la poeto, l’oratoro, la konversanto, e.c. V. exp.: vid. entuziasmo. — DeF
vesp-o: (ent.) wasp; -eyo, -o-nesto: w. nest. — DeIS
vesper-o: evening; -ala: evening, vesper (star, prayer, etc.); -e: in the evening; -festo, -kun-veno: evening party, soiree; ca- -e: this evening; pasar la -o: to spend the e.; dicar (od, dezirar) bon- -o (ad ulu): to say good e. — eL
vespertili-o: (zool.) bat (genus: Vespertilio). — L
vespr-o, -i: (R.C. rel.) vesper(s). — DEFIS
vest-o: garment: article of clothing, vestment; -aro: clothes, attire, dress, toilet, garb, habiliment; raiment, wearing apparel; -eyo, -iz-eyo: dressing-place, -room; -izar: to clothe, dress, array (ulu, per ulo) (cf. metar); -iz-ita: dressed, clad; -iz-achar: to rig out in, bedizen (ridiculously); -o-dono regul-ier-ala: taking the habit or veil (friars or nuns); -o-vend-isto: clothier; sub- -o: undergarment; trauro- -o: mourning garment. — eFIS
vestal-o: vestal-virgin; (fig.) chaste woman. — DEFIRS
vesti-o: round jackets (without tails, as for waiters, fencing, etc.). — F
vestibul-o: vestibule: front hall of an edifice, anteroom, lobby. — DEFIS
veston-o: jacket: short coat for men (cf. jaketo). — F
vet-ar: (tr.) to veto, negative (ulo); -o-yuro: right of veto.
veter-o: weather; -o nub-oza: cloudy w. — De
veteran-o: veteran: old soldier; (fig.) any one of long practice. — DEFIRS
veterinar-o: veterinary (-surgeon). — DEFIRS
vetiver-o: (bot.) vetiver (genus: Andropogon). — DEFS
vetrin-o: glass case (for showing objects, as in museums, shops, etc.), show-case. — FI
vetur-o: vehicle (serving to transport persons or merchandise, carriage, wagon, conveyance; -irar: (od, -vehar): to go, travel, drive in a v.; -agar, -transportar: to carry in vehicle (cf. veh-igar); -edo: wagonful; quar-rota -o: four wheeled v.; manu-, hom- -o: hand-cart; lokac- -o: v. for hire, fly. — FI
vex-ar: (tr.) to vex, provoke, irritate; (cf. despitar, molestar); -etar: to tease, plague, tantalize; -et-ema: teasing (person); la deskomforto jenas me; me esas vexata pro to: the inconvenience annoys me; I am vexed because of it; la pueruli vexetas la puerini: the boys tease the girls. — DE
vezik-o: (anat., zool.) bladder; -eto: small b.; (of skin) vesicle; -igar: to vesicate: blister; -ig-iva: vesicatory. — eFIL
vezikatori-o: (med.) vesicatory: blistering application. — DEFIS
vi: you (plural, see vu); via: your (plural).
viadukt-o: viaduct. — DEFIRS
viatik-o: money or provisions given for a journey; (R.C. rel.) viaticum, last sacrament. V. exp.: La primitiva senco esas voyajo-subvenciono, de qua venas la religiala senco; IV-646. — DEFIS
vibr-(ad)ar: (intr.) to vibrate. Ex.: Vibrado di la violin-kordi, di la aero, di pendulo. — DEFIS
vibrion-o: (bacteriol.) vibrio (genus: Vibrio). — DEFIRSL
viburn-o: viburnum, snow-ball tree (genus: Viburnum). — EFIS
vice(-): (prep. and prefix) vice, instead of; - ke: (conj.) instead that. Ex.: Vice Iphigenia cervino sakrifikesis ad Artemis. Vice laborar, vu dormis..
vice-parol-anto, -ero: spokesman.
vice-prezid-anto: vice-president.
vicer-o: (anat.) viscus; -i, -aro: viscera; -ala: visceral. V. exp.: Vicero havas senco diferanta de intestino, e plu vasta: ex. la kordio esas vicero; IV-81. — EFIS
vice-rej-o: viceroy.
vici-o: vice: fault of character (cf. defekto, manko); -ozeso: viciousness, depravity; -oza: vicious (cf. perversa); -oza cirklo: (fig.) vicious circle; -izar: to vitiate: taint, contaminate; to sully (the character of); (jur.) to render defective or void. Ex.: Ebriemeso esas vicio. Vici-zar legal akto. Ant.: vertuo. — EFIS
vicin-a: (esp. of people) neighboring, bordering, contiguous, adjacent (cf. proxima, apuda, kontigua); -(ul)o: neighbor; -aro: neighborhood: neighbors; -eso: (state) neighborhood: nearness, vicinity (of); -ajo: vicinity: (place); something neighboring (cf. cirkum-ajo); -esar: to be contiguous. — eFIS
vid-ar: (tr.) to see; -igar (ulo da ulu): to cause someone to see something; -(ad)o: sight, vision: act of seeing; -ajo: what is seen, a sight, a view; -eyo: (locality) viewpoint; -punto: (mental) viewpoint, point of view; -ala: visual; -ebla: visible, apparent (cf. apar-anta, sembl-anta); -inda: worth seeing; -ind-ajo: something worth seeing; -enda: what ought or must be seen; -organo: organ of vision; mi- -ar: to catch a glimpse of, see imperfectly; inter- -o: interview: meeting for conference. Ex.: La lasis me vidar nulo, ma lu vidis omno vidinda. Konocar ulu per la vido. Pagebla ye vido. V. exp.: vid. regardar. — FIR
vidam-o: (feudalism) vidame. — EFIRS
vidv-a: widowed; -ulo: widower; -ino: widow; -eso: widowhood; -eskar: to become a widow(er). — DeFIRS
viel-o: vielle: a stringed instrument played upon with a wheel; (cf. turn-orgeno). Def.: Instrumento muzkala kun kordi, quan on pleas per manivelo e klavi. — DeF
vigil-ar: (intr.) to abstain from sleep; to watch; to sit up; (cf. vekar); -(ad)o: vigil: being awake; on the alert; watching; (act.) vigilance; -anta: wide-awake, vigilant (act); -ema: (tendency) watchful, vigilant; -em-eso: vigilance; -anto, -ero, -isto: watcher; armo- -o: armed watch; -ar por malado: to sit up for (with) a sick person; -ar til jorno (lumo): to sit up, stay up, keep awake until daylight; -anta patrulo di la familio: a watchful father fo the family; -anta sorgo: vigilant care. — eFIS
vigili-o: vigil; eve of a feast pf R.C. church. V. exp.: La dio ante la dio, quan on konsideras. Necesa ed internaciona en la religial uzo; IV-646. — DEFIS
vigor-o: vigor; -oza, -oze: vigorous (ly). Ex.: Vigoro di yuneso, di la mento. Agar vigoroze. — EFIS
vikari-o: vicar: substitue in office; curate; -eso: vicariate; curacy; la -o di Iesu Kristo: the v. of Jesus Christ, the pope; grand- -o (od, vikario-generalo): v. general. — DeFIRS
viktim-o: victim: person or animal sacrificed; (fig.) sufferer, dupe; -igar: to victimize (ulu); -o-homa: human v. — EFIS
viktuali-o: victuals, provisions; (nav.) stores. Def.: Provizuri por manjar; IV-646. — DEFS
vikun-o: (zool.) vicuna, vicugna (Auchenia vicunna); -lano: v. cloth. — DEFIRS
vil-o: (bot., anat.) villosity: coating of hairs; -oza: villous; (cf. vilozit-o). — eFIS
vilaj-o: village; -eto: small v., hamlet; -ano: villager. — EFI
vilanel-o: villanelle: a kind of rustic ballad or dance. — DeFIRS
vild-o: (wild) game; -oza: full of g.; -izar: to stock with g.: -chasar, -kaptar: to hunt; -kapt-isto, vend-isto: fowler, sportsman; dealer in g.; -o-karno: flesh of g.; -o-sako: g. bag; plum- -o: feathered g.; wild fowl. — D
vilej-ar: (intr.) to rusticate; -(ad)o: sojourn in the country. — FI
«villa»: villa.
vilozit-o, -i: (of intestines) villosity; (cf. vilo).
vimpl-o: wimple (as of nuns). — E
vin-o: wine; -ala,-oza, -atra: vinous; -ea: w. colored; -if-ado: vnification, w. making; -vend-eyo, -erio: w. shop; -o nefermentacinta: unfermented w., sweet w.; -o sen-sukra: dry w. — DEFIRS
vinagr-o: vinegar; -ifar: to make v.; -izar: to put v. on; -uyo: v. cruet; -holder. — EFS
vind-ar: (tr.) to reel up; to wind or hoist (as with a windlass; cf. spular, hisar, en-volvar); -ilo: windlass, winch. — DE
vink-ar: (tr.) to overcome, vanquish, conquer, master, defeat, get the bette of; (intr.) to win; be victorious; -o: victory; -anto, -ero: conquerer, victor; -anta, -ema, -oza: victorious; -ala kanto: song of vicory. — eFIS
vintr-o: winter; -ala: windtry; -e: in w.; en meza -o: in the depth of w. — DE
vinyet-o: (engraved) vignette (of books, papers); -oza papero: paper with ornamented borders. — DEFIRS
viol-o: (bot.) violet; -ea, -kolora: v. colored, purple; -atra: v. like; purplish. — eFIRS
violac-ar: (tr.) to violate: to infringe, transgress, break a law, one’s oath); to ravish, rape (a female); -o: rape; violation; -ante la reguli: in violation of the rules. — EFIS
violent-ar: (tr.) to violate: do or use violence to, to ill use, force (ulu, ulo); -(ad)o: violating, violence; (jur.) force; -ala morto: violent death; -oza, -ema: violent: (persons, winds, passions, etc.); -esar: to suffer violence (da). Ex.: Violentar la koncienco. — EF
violin-o: violin, fiddle; -plear: to play the v.; -agar: to play (ulo) on the v.; -(ple)ero, -isto: v. player. — DEFIS
violoncel-o: violoncello, ’cello. — DEFIS
viper-o: viper: venemous reptile, as adder; (fig.) malignant person; -ala, -atra: viperine; -lango: (fig.) an evil tongue. — DEFIS
vir-o: a (grown) man, a manly person: male adult possessing masculine qualities, as a soldier, etc.; -ala, -atra: virile, manly (of voice, sexual organs, etc.); -eso: virility, manliness, manhood, man's estate, vigor; -aro: crew (of a ship), squad of men, etc.; -atra mulier-o: virago; -izar: to man, provide men for. — eFIS
virg-a: virgin(al: entirely chaste, also in fig. sense; -a tero: v. soil; -a foresto: untrodden forest; -a metalo: native, v. metal; -ulo: a chaste man or male; -ino: virgin; -ala, -in-ala: virginal, maidenly; -eso, -in-eso: virginity, maidenhood. — EFIS
Virgili-ala: Virgilian, of Virgil.
virtual-a: (philos., opt., mechan.) virtual, potental; -e: virtually; -eso, -ajo: virtuality, potentiality; -a rapid-eso: v. velocity; -a foko: v. focus. Def.: Qua esas en potencialo, ma ne en efekto aktuala. Ex.: Armeo virtuale vinkita. — DEFIRS
virtuoz-a: (highly) skilled, artistic, masterly; -(ul)o: virtuoso; -eso: virtuosity, virtuosoship: professional or consummate skill, artistic perfection, masterly style or play. — DeFIS
virulent-a: virulent; -eso: virulence. — DEFIS
virus-o: (med.) virus; -oza: poisonous. — DEFIS
vis-ar: (tr., intr.) to screw in: turn in a screw; -(ad)o: screwing (of screws); -ilo: screw-driver; -ilo ajust-ebla: a spanner, stillson or monkey wrench. V. exp.: On visas skrubi. On skrub-agas, skrub-ligas ulo, quale kesto, buxo, e.c. — F
vish-ar: (tr.) to wipe (off), wipe dry by rubbing; (cf. sik-igar); manu- -ilo: towel; plum- ilo: pen-wiper. — D
viskomt-o: (title) viscount. — DEFIRS
viskoz-a: viscous, viscid; (cf. glutin-iva); -eso: viscosity. — DEFIS
vist-ar: (tr.) to visť: to endorse, countersign; -o: visť: official signature. Def.: Oficale signatar o autentikigar dokumento od akto. Ex.: La visto di konsulo sur pasporto. — eIS
vit-o: (bot.) vine; -eyo, -agro: vineyard; -folio: leaf of the v.; -kultiv-ado: v. culture; (fig.) wine-growing; -bero: grape; sika vit-bero: raisin; vito-grapo: bunch of grapes; -re-koltar: to gather the vintage; -o Virginiana: Virginia creeper. — eFIS
vital-ismo: vitalism: a biological doctrine; -isto: vitalist. — DEFIRS
vitel-o: vitellus: yolk of egg; -ala: vitelline. — EFIS
vitr-o: (the material) glass; -a: (made of) g.; -ala, -atra: glass, vitreous; -izar: to furnish or cover (ulo) with g. (windows, etc.); -iz-isto: glazier (cf. glezar); -igar (tr.), -eskar (intr.): to vitrify; -ifar: to make g.; -if-erio: g. works; -if-isto: g. maker; -o-karelo: pane (as of a window); -o-tekto: g. roof; -o-papero: sand-paper; -o-parieto: g. partition; -o-plako: plate g.; -ach-ajo, -aji: glass trinkets, g. beads. — eFIS
vitrali-o (-fenestro): stained-glass window (as in churches). Def.: Vitro artala, kolorizita, dekoriva, qua klozas fenestro (quale en kelka kirki e laika edifici); IV-646. — F
vitriol-o: vitriol. — DEFIS
viul-o: (mus.) viol; name for instruments of violin family; bas- -o: bass-viol (cf. violoncelo). Def.: Anciena formo d grosa violino de qua developesis la moderna speci di violini). — DEFIRS
viv-ar: (intr., tr.) to live: be living, be alive (cf. habitar, kondutar); -o: life; -ala: vital (cf. esenca, ne-kare-ebla); -anto: living person; -anta: alive, living; -oza, -ema: full of life, animated, lively, vivacious; -oz-eso: vitality; -em-eso: vivacity (cf. vivaca); -etar, -achar: to make shift to live, live from hand to mouth; -igar: to vivify, quicken, give life to, animate (cf. anm-izar); -iva, -kapabla: likely to live, capable of living; -ez! viv- klamo: vive! long live! hurrah, cheer; trans- -ar: to survive: remain alive; bon-viv-anto: bon-vivant, high-liver; gaya viv-anto: lively, good-humored person; dum-viva (od, viv-dur-anta) rento: life annuity. Ex.: Fishi povas vivar nur en l’aquo. Lu vivas mizerosa vivo. Lasar ulu vivar. Vivar sua vivo. Qua vivos vidos. La tempo dum qua lu vivis. Vivar quale ermito. Dum la vivo di. Vivala povo, principo. Vivozeso di forta viro. Vivemeso di pueri. La mediko dicas, ke ica infanto esas viviva. La mento vivigas la korpo. Ant.: mortar. — eFIS
vivac-a: lively, nimble, vivacious, sprightly, brisk; -eso: vivacity: liveliness; ta infanto esas tre -a: that child is very lively; il vivacigas omno quon il agas: he puts life into whatever he does. — EFIS
viv-dis-sek-ar: (tr.) to vivisect: to dissect living beings.
vivipar-a: viviparous.
viz-ar: (tr., intr.) to aim at, to take aim (cf. intencar, tendencar, ambiciar); -o: aim: direction of the sight toward an object; -ar (vers) ucelo: to aim at a bird; -o-grano: sight (of a gun); -lineo: line of aim. — F
vizaj-o: visage: face of a person. Def.: L’avana parto di la homala kapo, konsiderata de extere ed en lua expresiveso; V-679. — EFI
vizel-o: (zool.) weasel (Mustela vulgaris). — DE
vizier-o: visor (of a helmet, a cap); okul- -o: eye-shade (for the head). — DEFIS
vizion-o: vision, apparition; -era, -ema; -ero, emo: visionary (person). Ex.: Imaginar sua vizioni esar realaji. La vizioni di la profeti. Unesme la populo nomizis Columbus kom vizionero. — DEFIS
vizir-o: vizier; granda -o: g. v. — DEFIRS
vizit-ar: (tr.) to visit, pay a v. to, call upon (ulu, ulo); -karto: visiting card; -festo: (rel.) visitation. — DEFIRS
voc-o: (also gram.) voice; (fig.) expression of opinion; -o alta, basa, klara, obskura, rupto-sona: high, low clear, unclear, broken v.; mi- -e: in an undertone; -e: by word of mouth; voca voto: viva voce vote; -ala: vocal, verbal, oral, uttered or relating to the v.; -o-kondukt-ilo: v. conductor (cf. parol-tubo); la -o publika: (fig.) public opinion; la -o di koncienco: (fig.) the v. of conscience; elekt-ita per 7 voci ek 12: elected by 7 out of 12 (viva voce) votes; -o-reflekt-ilo: sounding board (as for pulpit); sen-voc-eso: loss of voice, aphonia. — EFIS
vodevil-o: (theat.) vaudeville. — DEFIR
(ad)vok-ar: (tr., intr., also fig.) to call (to) (ulu), ask to come, summons; -eso: vocation. Ex.: (Ad-)vokar la hundo per lua nomo. (Ad-)vokar la guardo. Vokar por helpo. Kun-vokar la rezervo-trupi a la militala servado. Vokar (a) Deo por helpo. Mea patrio esas en danjero, la honoro vokas. V. exp.: vid. klamar. — eIL
vocal-o: (gram.) vowel. — DeFIS
vokaliz-ar: (intr., tr., mus.) to vocalize: to sing a vowel sound without uttering words. — DEFIRS
vokativ-o: (gram.) vocative (case). — DEFIS
vol-ar: (tr.) to will: determine in the mind, to decide, resolve, exercise volition (cf. dezirar, voluntar); -o: (act) will, volition; -ado: (faculty) the will, volition; -eto, -esko: low degree of will, fancy, mind, slight degree of inclination, caprice, humor; -ala: willful: relating to will; -ata, -ita: willed, willful, intended, voluntary (cf. voluntar); -e: willfully; -anta: voluntary: proceeding from free-will; sen-vol-a: involuntary; segun-vol-a: optional; segun-vole: at pleasure, at will; segun-vola pafado: firing at will; bon-, mal- -volo: good, ill will; me volas vidar il: I will (am determined) to see him; me volas facar ol: I mean to (will) do it; me ne volas: I won’t, I do not mean to; volo ne-flex-ebla: inflexible will; la reflexi esas ne-dependanta de la volado: the reflexes are independent of the will (volition); me havas vol-eto refuzar: I have a mind to refuse; vol-ala (od, vol-anta) ago, movo: voluntary act, motion; vol-ita eroro: willful error. — DeFIRS
volatil-a: volatile; -eso: volatility. Def.: Vaporeskema ye l’ordinara temperaturo; IV-4. — EFIS
volf-o, -ulo, -ino: wolf; (astron.) Wolf, Lupus; -o-homo: (mythol.) were-wolf.
volkan-o: volcano; -ala, -atra: volcanic (stone, etc.); -oza: volcanic: full of v.s; -o exting-ita: extinct v. — DEFIRS
volontari-o: (esp. military) volunteer. — DEFIRS
volt-ar: (intr.) to volt: make a sudden turn or leap aside (as in fencing); (cf. voltijar). — DEFIRS
volt-o: (elec.) volt. — DEFIRS
voltij-ar: (intr.) to vault (on a horse, on a slack rope, etc.); -(ad)o: vaulting, leaping, tumbling; -anto, -isto: leaper, vaulter, tumbler; -ero: (fig.) voltigeur: F. light-infantry soldier. — DeFIR
voltmetr-o: voltmeter. — DEFIRS
volumin-o: (geom.) volume: space occupied; (cf. maso, tomo); -oza: voluminous, bulky. — DEFIS
volunt-ar: (tr., intr.) to be willing (to); to have no objection (to); (in polite phrases) to be so kind as, be pleased to; -o: willingness, good-will; -a, -ala, -anta: voluntary, willingly; -ez: please; -e: gladly, readily, willingly. Ex.: Me voluntas facar to. Voluntez enirar, sioro. Voluntez dicar a me. Me akompanos vu tre volunte. On volunte (E. readily) kredas to quon on deziras kredar. V. exp.: Voluntez esas vicina a komplezez, degnez, ma min forta; VI-213. La tri vorti: voluntar, komplezar, degnar formacas gradaro: komplezo esas ulo plu kam volunto; degno esas komplezo o favoro di altranga persono; II-648. — EFI
volupt-o: voluptuousness; -oza: voluptuous (sensation, etc.); -ema, -emo: voluptuous (person). Def.: Granda plezuro sensala. — EFIS
volut-o: (arch.) volute, spiral scroll. — DEFIRS
(en-)volv-ar: (tr.) to roll up, wrap around; to coil (a rope); -ar su: to wrap up oneself; (cf. spular). Ex.: (En-)volvar standardo cirkum lua shafto. Volvar kordo cirkum la korpo. (En-)volvar peco de stofo. V. exp.: vid. envelopar. — L
vom-ar: (tr., intr.) to vomit, throw up, belch out (wind, gas, etc.); -ajo: vomit: what is thrown up; -ig-iva, -ig-ivo: vomitive, emetic. Ex.: Vomar sango. La volkano vomas flamo. — EFIS
vomer-o*: (anat.) vomer: nostril bone.
vomik-o*: (med.) vomica: abscess cavity in the lungs.
vomiknuc-o: nux-vomica, vomic-nut; -iero: n. v. tree (Strychnos Nux-vomica). — EFIS
vomitori-o: (anc. arch.) vomitory. Def.: Arkeologiala termino: enireyo ed ekireyo en la teatri ed amfi-teatri; IV-647. — DEFIS
vort-o: (written, printed) word (cf. parolo); -aro: collection of words; vocabulary; -o-libro: word-book, dictionary; -ope, -opa: verbatim, word for word, literal (translation); -ifar: to build words; -if(ad)o: word building. — DE
vortic-ar: (intr.) to whirl, rotate rapidly; -o: whirling, vortex; aer- -o: whirlwind; aquo- -o: whirlpool; vortico di aferi: rush of business; polvo- -o: cloud of dust. — EI
vot-ar: (intr.) to vote (either viva voce or by ballot) (por, kontre): (tr.) to v. for (ulu); to enact (ulo); -(ad)o: vote, voting; voice, suffrage, ballot; -anto, -into: voter; -yuro: right to v.; balot-voto: vote by (second) ballot; listo- -o: ballot by list; -o-konto: polling: count of votes; -o per manui: show of hands; -ado universala: universal suffrage; votar por lego: to vote for a law; votar lego: to enact a law. — DEFIRS
vov-ar: (tr., intr.) to vow, make a v. (of); -o: vow; -ajo: votive offering; -ala: votive. Ex.: Vovar absteno. Vovar templo a deo. — EF
voy-o: (tera, fera, mara) way, road; (R.R.) track, route; -eto: path(way), footpath; -ego: broad road, highway; -ifar: to make a road; mi- -o (ye): half-way; lakto- -o: (astron.) Milky Way; fer- -o: railroad; kargo-letro fervoy-ala: way-bill; voy-administrado: administration of public ways; voy-labor-isto: road worker. — F
voyaj-ar: (intr.) to travel; (by water) to voyage; -eskar: to start on a journey; -o: travel(ing); trip (cf. turo); -ado: frequent or continued travel; -anta; -ero: traveling, traveler, passenger; -ema; -emo: (person) fond of t.; itinerant, strolling; -o-spensi: traveling expenses; vivo- -o: (fig.) life’s journey; komerc- -isto: commercial traveler; -era kolombo: carrier pigeon. Ex.: Voyajar en Azia, de London a New York. — EFIS
vu (pl. vi): you; (for familiar usage cf. tu); vua (pl. via or vui): your(s), your own; vua relati: your relations; mea esas verda, vua esas reda: mine is green, yours (pl.) are red; ube esas la kamizi? Vui esas en l’armoro e mei esas en la laveyo: where are the shirts? yours are in the press and mine are in the wash; prenez elia manteli kun vii: take their cloaks with your own (pl.). — FIR
vulgar-a: vulgar: used or done by the common run of people, common, popular, unrefined; (N.B. for low, coarse sense, cf. grosiera, ne-polita, mal-gusta); (noun form = populo, turbo, plebey-aro); -eso: (quality) vulgarism: commonness, unrefinedness (N.B. not «low» cf. grosier-ajo); -igar: to vulgarize: make popular; -ig-anto, -ero: popularizer; -a traduko di Biblo: vulgar version of the Bible (cf. vulgato); -a parolado, opiniono, pre-judiki: vulgar tongue, opinion, prejudices. — DEFIRS
vulgat-o: Vulgate: Latin version of the Bible. — DEFIRS
Vulkan-ala: (geol.) Vulcanian.
vulkaniz-ar: (tr.) to vulcanize. — DEFIRS
vulnerari-o: (bot.) kidney-vetch, wound-wort (Vulneraria rustica). — FIS
vult-o: (arch.) vault; (cf. mason-ita tombo, kelero); -atra: v. like, archlike; -izar: to cover with a v.; -igar: to arch; -iz-ita, -ig-ita: vaulted, arched. — EFI
vultur-o: (orni.) vulture; (fig.) a rapacious person. — EFI
vulv-o: (anat.) vulva. — DEFIRS
vund-ar: (tr.) to wound; (cf. lezar, kontuzar, ofensar); -o, -uro: wound(ing); -ebla: (also fig.) vulnerable. — DE